In this RokCast episode Jaden Bales hops on with us to talk about backcountry food options and planning meals. We cover a number of brands and products that we prefer for hunting as well as how many calories we take in and some great tools to help with that.

In the episode Jaden mentions the Backcountry Calorie Calculator from MTNTough Fitness, and can be found here. I’ve been playing with it and it’s a really awesome tool.

As also mentioned, Jaden works for the Backcountry Fuel Box. BFB is a monthly subscription based box for the backcountry hunter focused on rounding up the best dinners and snacks to help power you. I love the service because I can discover new products and use them before making a large purchase for the fall. You can read my review on that box, here. If you’d like to ask questions about the review, visit the forum thread here and post your questions.

Jaden's perspective - 2:00
My recent experiences - 4:00
Meat products - 8:20
Munk Pack cookies (my favorite) - 11:05
Dinner options - 14:10
Poor Mans Pad Tai - 17:50
Calories/ounce, caloric intake and weight per day - 21:15
Meal replacement bars versus probar/protein puck - 23:30
Backcountry Calorie Calculator - 29:00
Packing your food - 35:35
Day's outlook of food - 38:15