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For most, putting together a food list for a backcountry hunt is pretty standard. Head down to the local grocery store and pick up an assortment of protein bars and candy bars. The issue is it’s easy to get burnt out on eating the same things day after day. The other issue can be nutrition. A nutrition rule of thumb for backpacking food is it should be at least 100 calories per ounce. But it’s difficult to find food that’s packable, nutritional and tastes good for multi-day trips. There are multiple companies that have quality products just for the backpacker or backcountry enthusiast, but finding them can be difficult. This is where the Backcountry Fuel Box comes in (link here)

The Backcountry Fuel Box is a box service geared towards the backcountry hunter’s nutritional needs. I’m sure some of you are thinking, what the heck is a box club? A box club is a service that ships an assortment of items together to your house, in this case once a month. The Backcountry Fuel Box is all about backcountry foods. Around the 20th of every month, you will receive the box that contains hand-selected meals, snacks, bars, and drink mixes to try. The Backcountry Fuel Box offers its service for $33.30 per month.

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This service is an asset to me because I can discover new companies that offer products geared to my needs, and I can test them before making a large order for the fall. Typically you’ll get breakfast, dinner, energy options, bars, and drink mixes. Every month the box also includes discount codes to products that were featured. Some months, Backcountry Fuel Box selects a familiar face to pick their favorite items to be featured in the box. Last month, for example, was Aron Snyder’s (host of Kifarucast) box and included items like Peak Refuel, Off Grid Food Co., Dark Timber coffee, and Wilderness Athlete. There will be things in the box that you’ll hate and things that you’ll love.

One way to try out the box before subscribing is to order a leftover box from the previous month. When you subscribe, the re-occurring payment will be taken out the 5th of each month, but there are no commitment periods. If you subscribe and need to unsubscribe for any reason, you can simply do that.

I’ve been subscribed to the box since it initially came out and have been very happy with it. It has turned me onto products I’ve never heard of before but am now a customer of.  It has also allowed me to write off products that I had always wanted to try but did not like after testing. That saves me more money when it comes time to make the food purchases for the fall. For anyone looking to discover new options and lessen a learning curve for backcountry nutrition, I can recommend the Backcountry Fuel Box (link here).

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