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Early Season Kryptek Clothing Kits

By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Prostaff

I think back to my early years of hunting and remember my cheap camouflage that I once wore. It was a mix of realtree or mossy oak camo usually or the occasional piece of second- hand military clothing that I was lucky enough to find. I never really knew what I was missing when it came to hunting clothing. After all, what big difference can it make? Boy was I in for a wake-up call many years later as I began to wear quality clothing. Let me say, the prices are definitely worth it and I know many hunters who do not buy advanced clothing for that reason alone. If only they knew!

I have touched on late season Kryptek kits in the past here. In this article, I will touch on early season Kryptek Kits that have worked for me and proved very effective. I have used these kits in August for antelope and in September for elk and mule deer with very good results.  There is a huge difference in August and September weather when comparing the plains to the mountains. I will break this up into two separate sections. Let’s get started!

August Kit

When the middle of August finally arrives, I am ready to be amongst the rattlesnakes and cactus sneaking my way across the prairie after a speed goat of my choosing. Temperatures can range from 50’s in the morning to over 90 degrees.  Weather is generally dry except for a thunderstorm or two that may roll through pretty fast. Having clothing that breathes very well and is lightweight is preferred. Rain gear is always stashed away in my pack just in case.


The Hyperion (also available in short sleeve)

Kryptek offered a couple of new tops that I have been using. The Hyperion top in both short and long sleeve worked very well in this environment. No worries about ventilation as these are built specifically for hot weather. I prefer the long sleeve as I tend to burn fairly easily thanks to my Swedish and Norwegian lineage! There is added Stealth Scent Control in these garments that incorporate antimicrobial technology and moisture-wicking to help with your stench. The material dries extremely fast as well which also helps.

However, with that being said, one of my favorite all around tops still remains the merino top such as the Kryptek Hoplite. This top literally is with me on every hunt during any weather condition. It keeps you cool when it is hot and keeps you warm when it is cool!



Hoplite Top

The pant that I chose to wear in August is the new Ragnar pant. This is a pant that combined two of my favorite pants into one; the Valhalla and the Alaios. The minimalist characteristics of the Valhalla brings in features of the Alaios such as the kneepad pockets which is a must for crawling across the prairie. Other good options of tops are the Valhalla and Helios tops. I just prefer the earlier mentioned due to smelling better at the end of the day. These two pieces do not have the antimicrobial properties the others do.

Adding a Vidar Scout vest to this kit makes it a well rounded kit for early season. The Poseidon Rain Gear top and bottom remain in my pack for those unexpected thunderstorms that may pop up. A Kryptek hat and Krypton gloves bring this kit all together.

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The Hyperion long sleeve top, Ragnar Pant, and Krypton Gloves on an August antelope hunt

September Kit

My favorite time of year is September chasing those high country mule deer or bulls around the mountain. Although you could get away with the previous mentioned kit, I prefer a bit more when it comes to this clothing. You are usually in far more remote locations with much more drastic weather changes being possible and you just flat out want more options when you are in the mountains!

The Hoplite top still remained a favorite and was on at all times of the hunt for obvious reasons. Hard to beat merino as it will perform no matter what and it never really smells of body odor. This remained my base layer as well as stand-alone top when it warmed up during the day. Early mornings were a bit on the chilly side so having the Vidar Scout Vest and Dalibor II jacket were a huge benefit. If you prefer a jacket for pack-ability, go with the Kratos or Aquillo Down jackets as these can be packed away in very little spaces but can be a bit warm during this time of year later in the day. As it warms up during the day you can adjust fairly easily what you need up top.

Vidar Scout Vest

The Vidar Scout Vest

 DSC 0110

The Flag Hat and Vidar Scout Vest

The Hoplite merino bottoms were used in early mornings as well but only if temps dropped below 30 degrees. Otherwise I was good with just the Alaios pant. This pant remains my favorite for nearly all seasons. Paired with the Hoplite merino bottoms, I can withstand very cold temperatures too if on the move. These pants also offer the knee pad pockets which come in handy as well as a coating on the knees so your knees do not get wet when kneeling down.



Alaios Pant


DSC 0167

The Alios Pant & Hoplite Top on a Wyoming packout

If there are  cool, wet conditions without much rain, I like to wear the Dalibor II pant. This pant offers more protection from wet and windy conditions but can be too warm if on the move with temps above 30. I also always keep the Cadog jacket and pant back at camp in case some cold weather moves in. I also like to use the Kratos or Aquillo jacket for early morning glassing. Either of these jackets paired with the Sherpa Hoodie are a great combo during this time. One thing to be noted is that the Kratos jacket will withstand more abuse if you are in briars and brushy country but doesn’t offer a hood.


The Sherpa

The Poseidon rain gear is a good option as it is very packable and fits in your pack easily. Fellow Roklslide staff member, Travis Bertrand, recently did a very thorough review on the Posiedon system here. If you are in areas that get more rain and you are in thicker cover, the Koldo rain gear would be a better option.

DSC 0238

Fitting something to your dome and hands is all it takes to round out this kit (for boots, there plenty of good Rokslide articles here.) Kryptek offers some pretty dang nice hats to choose from to fit your taste. I used the Kiska Beanie in early mornings and the Krypton Gloves were on my hands nearly every step of the hunt.The Norlander Merino Gloves were brought out in early morning while glassing or waiting for the sun to come up.

DSC 0055

The Krypton Glove sporting a little blood

If you have wondered if the more technical hunting clothing is worth it, you can bet it is! The comfort level really does make you more effective in the field. The above mentioned pieces of Kryptek gear will get you through nearly any type of hunt during this time of year and even later. You do not need every piece that Kryptek offers to thrive on these hunts, but obviously the more you have the more prepared and adapatable you’ll be. Having options is a great thing!

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