Eastmans’ Publishing is a Pillar in western hunting and pioneers of many aspects. In fact, Mike Eastman helped pave the way for my obsession with Mule Deer. I was 12 years old reading his book, “Hunting High Country Mule Deer,” hanging on to every word. I was a kid who didn’t like to read, but I read that book multiple times. His stories and how he connected with the reader made me feel like I was with him and his dad searching for a giant mule deer.

Eastmans’ TagHub

Fast forward to today’s world.  We are more connected than ever, and research is at the tip of our fingers. There are so many services out there that provide research. I’ve tried them all and can say that they all provide good info, although they each have different themes.  What sets Eastmans’ TagHub apart is the ability to set your own theme. You can let Eastmans’ do the research for you and filter units based on their trophy potential, or you can use one of the 23 preset themes they came up with based on your hunting goals.

TagHub Covers Multple States

Eastmans’ TagHub offers data, and expert analysis in 11 different western states with all of the trophy species we would typically apply for. As of this writing, TagHub does not offer all hunts offered by states. The ones I noticed are cow/doe/ewe hunts spread throughout the West, as well as youth or Junior hunts. Being a father of 10 and 12 year olds, this is important to me. I hope as TagHub continues to grow, they will put focus on Youth opportunities as well as less desirable hunts such as an ewe, which is a great way to scout a unit you are interested in for a trophy animal.

Using the Maps and charts can be overwhelming at first, but once you understand how to use the program, it makes sense. I would suggest watching the videos Eastmans’ put out on YouTube to help guide you.

TagHub Filtering

The filters you can apply are pretty impressive but not easily understandable at the beginning. The video below helps to break it down.


Even More Benefits

If you are researching for your first western hunt, Taghub offers more than what units to apply for. They have also partnered with several companies to provide members-only discounts. You can get anywhere from 10-30% from companies like Kryptek, Black Rifle Coffee, Seek Outside, and many more. Here’s another hint, a Taghub subscription is well worth it if you are in the market for a Quietkat E-bike. The end goal is to provide subscribers the research and resources necessary for the first time and seasoned western hunters alike.

Try TagHub Free

You can try TagHub for free for 30 days and then sign up for one of three levels of memberships. With the basic, you get all of what has been previously mentioned for 80$ a year. Once you go up to the standard package, you receive EHJ and EBJ print subscriptions, as well as access to TagHub’s exclusive video library. That will run you 100$ a year.

Eastmans’ TagHub Elite

If you want the whole enchilada, sign up for their Elite package. This package gives you a swag kit (Yeti Tumbler, Coffee, Hat, and Outdoor Edge Knife). You will also get access to an exclusive blog, read all of Mike Eastman’s books online, weekly emails on application strategies and deadlines, and text service, so you never miss a deadline. And, did I mention entries to five hunt giveaways?!? The Elite membership runs $150. Before you commit, make sure to enter coupon code ROKSLIDE20 for 20% off any of their packages!

More On The Way

This is just the beginning of TagHub, and mo’ better things are on the horizon. If you like to dive deep into research and get free gear, Taghub is an excellent option for you. The best part is you can try it for 30 days free to see if you like it. Click here to sign up.

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