Each year I reflect back on the seasons that had just passed. I reevaluate my hunting gear and look for ways to improve upon what I used the previous seasons. In the coming four short review articles I will cover various Kryptek kits that I use extensively throughout the year. In a past article here on Rokslide I covered a layering system from Kryptek which can be used in conjunction with any of the following kits. This article will cover the Kryptek Dalibor Pants and Jacket.

This will be a four part series going over four of Kryptek’s kits to include:
  1. Dalibor
  2. Cadog
  3. Vellus
  4. Aegis

I will touch briefly on each kit and add suggestions at the end. I will start with the lightest of the gear and work my way back down to the heaviest weight gear as we go. Matt Cashell also has an ongoing review on various pieces of the Altitude line as well. Early season remains one of my favorite times of year to hunt as it is the most comfortable for me and it demands good clothing to be able to successfully hunt and be effective in my tactics.

Let’s take a look at the Kryptek Dalibor line

Kryptek first came out with the Dalibor kit several years ago and Robby did a review on the jacket three years back. This early to mid-season lightweight jacket (with layering) has become a favorite of many as it does very well in numerous conditions and styles of hunting.

The Dalibor jacket and pants are in their third generation with minor and subtle improvements but still remain the same piece of gear other than a few hem and zipper adjustments and changes to the hood and cuffs. The cut of the pants is good with plenty of pockets and added protection in the knee area. This includes a section of 3M protective layer to keep your knees dry when having to kneel on a wet surface. Additionally they incorporate knee pad pockets as well for those who like the added protection. This is a great option and increases the protection. In super dry conditions the kneepads can become noisy against dry grass and other debris. This has been hit or miss with me depending on the conditions.

They have since added the Dalibor vest and gloves to the collection as well.

This synthetic kit is 87% polyester and 13% spandex with the famous and effective Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish on the exterior. That doesn’t mean it is waterproof but it dang near is in misty conditions, dense fog and light rain. If you rely on this as your rain gear, you will be left wet at the end of the day in downpours as DWR finishes are not geared towards these conditions. Popular camo pattern is Highlander and also offered in Mandrake. You can order the jacket and vest in those same camo patterns or also khaki and dark charcoal.

Womens Line

Also don’t forget, they offer a ladies cut in these garments as well! Andrea Bertrand reviewed those peices a couple years back. Kryptek Womens Line Review. This line has been added to but this was the last review done. Perhaps there will be another women’s review coming soon as well.

Field Testing

Proof is in the pudding as this kit was tested in the Alaskan backcountry for over two years before it rolled out onto the product line. If it didn’t do well there it wouldn’t have become part of the line. The test bed that many of Kryptek’s garments go through is unlike that of all others.

As a bowhunter, I like clothing that fits well and allows me freedom of movement and this kit does just that. Its athletic cut and stretch properties make it comfortable and conform to all movements. Features that the jacket includes are pit zips that work well for being able to open up to allow ventilation if you start to get heated. Depending on the position of the zippers, often times it takes two hands to operate and can be a pain but not a show stopper. Pockets of the jacket and pants are in good spots and offer many options to help you lose things as you can forget which you put them in! The military styling and pockets never leave you wishing you had more versatility for storage! I am not a fan of hoods on jackets but this hood does a good job when the time comes for needing one. The cut doesn’t hinder my view nor become an uncomfortable burden when used. This jacket actually changed my mind about zippers and I have found how useful they can be. Maybe a removable hood would be a better option?

This kit does great in the early morning dew or after a rainfall as the finish keeps you from getting soaked completely through and they do dry out fast but remember, it is not rain gear. The DWR finish does a good job but doesn’t last forever. This kit is also not windproof but is wind resistant. In cooler temps with wind, you will want to ensure that you are layering underneath as the wind does get through and can chill you quite fast.

My ideal conditions for the Dalibor kit is temps no lower than that of 40 degrees with good layering and up to 60 degrees. It has performed well in the backcountry as well as on the open prairie. It remains in my arsenal and definitely has earned its’ place. Underneath the jacket I always wear the Dalibor vest which, paired with under layers is worn for most of the day with varying temps.

The Dalibor remains a favorite for many in the early to mid-season and it does a great job in all areas of the globe with various types of terrain and weather conditions. Early to mid-season remains my favorite time of year to hunt and I demand the most from my gear. Dalibor has done great for me.

It does show wear but that is to be expected with the amount of abuse I put it through. There are no seam fails, rips or tears. Sizing for me has been great, at 5’6” and 175# the large jackets and vests, medium under layer and 30-32 regular pants fit me great. There are times when the fitment of a few pieces seem off on the sizing which sucks but it can be remedied. Kryptek offers an easy return policy to get you the right sizing and to make sure you are satisfied. Shipping and receiving is also moving to Idaho so it can be more closely monitored which will help with shortfalls that have been seen in the past with relying on outside shipping and resourcing companies.

It is hard to go places to find the gear to try on before buying as Kryptek is selective on which places they sell the product. This is both a downfall and advantage. But they will ensure you get what you need if you are not satisfied. It will only get better for the end user!

Keep on the lookout for upcoming new gear from Kryptek to make its debut. Also don’t miss out on the sales events with Kryptek for some great opportunities! Stay tuned for more reviews coming up! Take a look at their complete line here.

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