Kryptek Outdoor Group has become well known in the hunting industry, as well as the tactical environments over the last 10 years. Kryptek is considered a tier 1 type of company when comparing them to other companies in the same category.  If a company doesn’t continue to evolve and produce better gear each year, and keep pinging on diversity, they may become stagnant while others surpass the mark. That is not something Kryptek has done and they continue to raise the bar each year.

Kryptek Fishing

Just recently Kryptek Outdoor Group introduced a new line of clothing that will appeal to fishermen across the board. Like with all gear, before they introduce the line it has already gone through rigorous testing by many fishermen across the globe. As a long-time Kryptek user, and Legion staff member, I was lucky enough to get my hands on several pieces and test them recently on my summer outings. Let’s take a look at a couple of the items in the fishing collection that are among my favorite.

Garden Banks Hoodie

Constructed with fibers from Bamboo especially known for their anti-microbial properties, the Garden Banks is highly sweat absorbent and odor resistant. This hoodie incorporates a UPF 20 treatment to keep the sun at bay and your skin protected all while remaining comfortable. This is the first garment I have used that has 70% Viscose Rayon from Bamboo with 30% Polyester making it very breathable and dries fast. The attached crossover hood is great at blocking the UV rays and protecting your head and neck. Thumbholes are standard on this garment as well.

This hoodie quickly became my go-to piece while fishing in the heat and on a boat. The reflection from the water makes you consider more protection and this hoodie does just that. The comfort is great and the fit is spot on. I am not sure about the thumbholes on a shirt made for heat but does offer protection from the sun. This is a must for those looking for the protection and comfort needed while in the outdoors. The hoodie is offered in three new Obskura patterns. Check them out here.

Trinity Bay Short

This short has a Bamboo lining, is odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, made from Polyester/Spandex shell for comfort on both the inside and outside of the short. It has two hip pockets, two Velcro back pockets, and a zippered fly with a metal button. The belt loops allow for a belt if needed along with an 8” inseam. The shorts are made from 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex Shell.

I am not much of a fan of “short shorts” and prefer longer board-type shorts but wanted to give these a try. I used them on fishing trips and wore them into the water on several occasions and liked how they performed. They are moisture-wicking and do dry fast if you wear them into the water like I did while casting for finned critters. Again, these are very comfortable and fit a bit on the smaller side so consider a size larger if you intend to order. Check them out here.


Kryptek did a great job with these two garments and I look forward to giving them a lot more time this summer along with a few of their other pieces in their fishing collection.

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