Review: Xtreme Hardcore Gear Tru Level Picatinny Base

By Brock Akers, Rokslide Staff

If you have ever built a house, you know that starting with a flat, level foundation is key for a successful build. If you start with a poor foundation, you will chase the problem all the way to the roof. Same principal applies when you are putting together a rifle. Even an “off the shelf” gun will benefit greatly from a quality base.

I chose the Tru Level Picatinny Base from Xtreme Hardcore Gear (XHG) for a couple reasons. XHG makes some solid, bullet proof parts for rifles. They have a great reputation and they are made here in the USA. Also, I wanted a level built into my rifle somewhere, the base seemed like a great spot for one.

I put this on my Tikka T3 and it just so happens that this rail is only offered in a 20 MOA option. Probably unnecessary for what I am doing with this rifle but still a good option to have. I was excited about the built-in recoil lug as it will help take some pressure off the bolts holding the rail down. I was looking forward to having the level the most. If I could change one thing it would be making the level have two lines instead of one. I understand that there isn’t a lot of room there and it was the most practical way of incorporating the level, and to be honest it is 100% functional, however, it’s my only con. Built with 7075 T-6 Aluminum, this is a quality piece of equipment.

The base was mounted successfully (using the supplied bolts torqued to 22 Inch lbs.) and I was happy with how the rest of the rifle went together. I mounted a high-quality set of rings that required zero lapping, a first for me. I am confident that this was not only because of quality rings, but it also had to do with a good base. I checked level on both the action and the base, they matched.

After I mounted the scope, and was able to get out to re-zero the gun, I was pleased with the ergonomics of the level. I could easily look down from my scope and confirm my gun being level on the bench without pulling my head completely out of shooting position. Exactly what I was after. I have since shot the rifle many times from 100 zero to 550 yards in the mountains, utilizing the level each shot. The Tru Level Picatinny base has added to my confidence in the accuracy of the rifle and I am looking forward to many hunts with it.


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Brock Akers
Growing up in hunting family, it was expected that Brock would take to hunting at an early age. Spending most of his childhood in the duck blind with his Dad, he was eager to take part in the harvest himself. Passing his hunter safety course at the age of 9 and taking his first buck that fall was all it took for him to be hooked. Between deer camp each October & weekend trips to eastern Washington waterfowl hunting, time was pretty much consumed. However education was stressed by his parents as the number one priority. He graduated from Renton Technical College in 2008 with a certification in Engineering Design & Technology and has been working in the design/drafting field since then. His current job allows for flexible dates which in turn means a generous hunting season. Aside from hunting in his home state of Washington, Brock also hunts a variety of species each year in Idaho & Montana while building points in several other states. Most of his hunting is done in the remote backcountry. This type of hunting really makes him appreciate the outdoors for what they are. You can find and follow along with him on Facebook & Instagram.