Fast Eddie

Spot Hogg Archery Sights

By Steve Speck, S&S Archery

Spot Hogg has been making archery products since 1987.  On their website, they make a great comment that I couldn’t agree with more from both a personal and company standpoint. It says “At Spot-Hogg, our goal has always been to provide archers with not just the highest of quality products, but with products that will help archers be more successful and have an overall more enjoyable experience.”


That comment is definitely one of the things that I have always admired about them. The quality of products that Spot Hogg produces has always been top of the line. But more than that, they build products that help make you a better archer. You can easily tell a company that is out there to make a few bucks from those making products that can actually help you.

Case in point: Spot Hogg on all but their two lowest priced models have built in micro-adjust true second and third-axis tuning. It’s not an option you have to add on for more money, or something they consider as an accessory. They know the importance of micro-adjust to make you a better hunter.  They don’t’ compromise even if it makes their sights a little more expensive than the competition. They are the only company that I know does this.

On all other things, Spot Hogg does a great job as well. Spot Hogg pin adjustments are by far my favorite.  They are the perfect compromise of keeping things simple and solid, yet providing the archer with a simple and easy adjustment to get sighted in.

My only knock of Spot Hogg over the years had been the weight of them.  The Hogg Father is a pretty heavy sight sight compared to other slider sights on the market. This is a direct correlation to Spot Hogg’s commitment to quality and features. When building a bombproof slider sight with every adjustment you need, its going to be heavier.

New for 2015, Spot Hogg has come out with the Fast Eddie, a lightweight, simpler approach to a slider sight.

I haven’t personally been able to use one yet but knowing Spot Hogg I have no doubts that the sight will be another great option in line-up, especially for the guys looking to keep weight off their bows.  

You can check out the new Fast Eddie here

I’m confident enough in these new sights, I’m offering a Spott Hogg Fast Eddie for Rokslide’s Weapon’s Month, for one lucky winner.    

You can enter here before 6/22/15