The Perfekt Boot at a Reasonable Price

by Ross Russell

As your feet go, you go!  After another long descent and multiple black toe nails from my toes digging into the front of my boots, I knew I needed to make a change.  I was looking for a boot for both September Archery season and a boot that would work until October when the temperature dips and snow begins to fall.  After reading many reviews I settled on the Perfekt Hiker by Meindl.  

There are two styles available.

The 10 inch has 400 grams of thinsulate, a gore-tex liner and can be found at Cabelas for $260. These boots provide excellent lateral stability, cinch down exceptionally well with the lacing system, and provide excellent ankle support.  They also have an ample toe box to prevent your toes from hitting the front of your boot and are very comfortable.  They are on the stiff side, which provides the lateral support and the cork bed conforms to your foot to provide a custom fit. At 4.4 pounds per pair, they are on the heavier side for this category of boot, but worth the extra few ounces.

The 7 inch is non-insulated and provides the same benefits as the 10 inch at a pound less per pair and runs $230 at Cabelas.  If there is one piece of gear to not scrimp on, I would say it is your boots, as your feet ultimately get you to your destination and back.  If your feet give out, you will not be comfortable and your hunt may be cut short.  If you’re looking for a boot that will work for elk and deer hunting, is reasonably priced, provides excellent lateral support, good traction is waterproof, and requires a  limited break in period, then look no further than the Perfect Hiker.   I have not lost another toe nail since I bought these boots.    

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Ross russell
Ross has resided in the Northwest for 30+ years, grew up in a family of elk hunters and the passion of the hunt was instilled early on when his family would gather in North Idaho for the annual general rifle season. When falls arrives, Ross can be found in the high country of North Idaho and Northwest Montana, with Bow or Rifle in hand. "As long as I am chasing Big Bulls in the backcountry there is a smile on my face. Many would call Elk Hunters an odd lot, as who in their right mind would want to put their body through the trials and tribulations that we do each fall, with no guarantee of success. It takes dedication, perseverance and someone who enjoys hardwork to be successful year in and year out. I like hardwork, so count me in"! Many a fine bull has been taken by Ross' bullet and arrow. To expand his love of the outdoors and his knowledge of Elk, he can be found each spring fervently pursuing Elk Sheds. "Shed hunting gives you an arm up on the quality of bulls in the area, expands your knowledge, is great for training and is another opportunity to be in the great outdoors." Ross resides in Liberty Lake Washington, with his wife Kirsten and his shed hunting companion Magnum.