New Zealand Clinton Miller Mark Pitts

New Zealand Clinton Miller Mark Pitts

This Tipsy Tuesday has Australians Clinton Miller and Mark Pitts walking us though the basics of tackling a DIY New Zealand hunting trip. Miller and Pitts have over a decade DIY New Zealand hunting trips under their belts so are well versed in the planning and logistics of this adventure. This DIY hunting trip is more attainable than most Americans think, listen to find out how. This week’s reviews start with Unknown Munitions HAHA event Zach Harold talks about testing the Hoyt Alpha X bow Next up is Mike Moore’s Hilleburg Niak review and finally Justin Rasmussen from Razco Gear takes us though the ROMR setup. Sam then shifts the talk towards the other gear reviews [] and recaps the latest western news.

New Zealand Dept of Conservation-

Wyoming Wildlife Federation-Dream Big Commissioner Tag Raffle – Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Western Hunter- Inside the chaos and secrecy surrounding the release of 10 wolves in Colorado by Mike Duplan-

Join the discussion on Arizona’s departure from wildlife auction tags-

Howl for Wildlife 

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