If you are a hand-loader, chances are you have seen Unknown Munitions and their work. They are primarily known for their accurate ammo and personalized load development. Unknown Munitions is also a good resource for reloading equipment and supplies. They have now introduced their line of custom funnels and reloading trays.

The Tray

Rightfully named is Unknown’s new reloading block, The Tray. Now let’s face it, you can buy plastic trays for a fraction of the cost, and if you are a high-volume loader, 100-round plastics are probably a better fit. However, this Tray might be the ticket for the guys who load 50 rounds at a time.

They are made from 6061 aluminum and finished off in anodized black. What I like most about them is the small footprint and patented grab handles making it very easy to move a loaded tray without worrying about spilling.

Another added benefit is with the wall mount; you can easily keep five trays handy and take up no real estate on your bench. I had a complete drawer that only held trays. Now that they are mounted on the wall and I use that drawer to clear my bench of other items. The wall mount has pegs that hold the trays 2″ apart. That is the standard spacing for peg boards, so you can hang them on there if you have a peg board.

There are two things I wish to see added to this lineup. I would like to see a .223 case size. However, The only sizes offered are standard, magnum, and Lapua (for muzzleloader guys, the Lapua also fits the eBay powder tubes really well.)

I would also prefer if they were offered in colors other than black. I find it easier to see spilled powder with a lighter color to provide contrast to the powder kernels. For a set of five trays and a wall mount, you are looking at $250 or $50 for an individual tray. Available here.

The Funnel

The other offering from Unknown is the Funnel. These little guys are a very nice addition to anyone’s reloading bench. Made out of 6061 aluminum, they balance well and provide a large opening for powder. If you still use a plastic funnel, do yourself a favor and upgrade to aluminum. You will find no more stuck grains of powder in the Funnel, and with its weight, you have a far less chance of knocking it off the top of a case.

The Funnel is offered in calibers from .22 to 50 and has a wall mount that holds four funnels. These mounts are unique and well thought out. Much like the trays, I had a handful of funnels rattling around in a drawer. Now, they are mounted on the wall behind my bench, clearing up space, and with the top facing the wall, they never get dusty. Depending on your preference or workspace, the mounts can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall. For four funnels and the wall mount, you are looking at $140 or $30 per funnel separately. Available here.

These products are laser engraved with the appropriate labeling of size or caliber.

Speaking of engraving, also offered by Unknown is their custom laser engraving option. As you can see, the Rokslide logo on each funnel turned out well.

I have loaded nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition using these products. While costly at first, having quality, sturdy materials make my time at the bench more enjoyable and puts me in a good frame of mind to create a quality product. Check out their website for a full list of products and services.

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