Hoyt1Why I Choose Hoyt
By Tony Trietch, Rokslide staff

The bugle seemed to be further and further away. The bull was moving his herd down the ridge towards their bedding area and I had to move fast if I wanted to get there before they did. I stayed on the opposite side of the ridge from them and sprinted as fast as my legs would take me along the boulder-filled slope. I hopped between giant rocks as I attempted to keep pace with the elk, it actually felt like I was going to make it. That is until one of those boulders I was running over happened to be covered in a seemingly invisible slime that gave my boot zero purchase. I went down so fast that I had no time to protect myself, let alone my bow. When I regained the ability to breath and realized my lungs were not completely crushed from the impact, my bow was gone and so were the elk. My Hoyt Carbon Matrix had bounced down the boulder field quite a ways. I have no idea how many rocks it hit on the way down but it was in one piece, albeit bearing a few new scuffs similar to myself. I was cautious drawing the bow back and even more so loosing an arrow at a stump to confirm I wouldn’t need to hike out the five miles back to the truck for my back-up bow. That stump took a direct hit and so did a beautiful Montana bull the very next day. 

Hoyt2That bow was in my hands for many other hunts and adventures after that day, and it never let me down. I have tried countless different manufacture’s bows over my time as a bowhunter; I believe you will never know that you are using the best unless you try them all. With that said, I am still shooting a Hoyt, the Carbon Defiant Turbo. I have learned the hard way that I can trust Hoyt’s reliability and durability to a level I never found on any other bow.  


Each Hoyt bow goes through testing that is unparalleled in the industry. Imagine dry firing your bow 1500 times! Hoyt does the deed. How about drawing and letting down your bow 1 million times? Hoyt does that too. Hoyt tests each model to assure it’ll hold up to abuse from you and I in the field; I trust that. The last NON Hoyt bow I owned went through three sets of limbs just during a few weeks of shooting in the back yard and the last limb explosion happened while it was sitting on a table at brace—no thanks. 

The Hoyt Standard – 1,500 Dry-Fire Test 

Don’t let the rock solid Hoyt durability fool you into thinking they forgot about performance. The Carbon Defiant series offers a 31″, 34″ and 33″ Turbo model so everyone can find something that fits them regardless of whether you want an emphasis on smooth drawing or speed. The 31″ and 34″ bows have DFX Cam & ½ and the 33″ Turbo has the DFX Turbo Cam. 


All carbon models are built with hand-laid carbon components that produce a strong and stiff riser that is precisely engineered for accuracy. The feel of a carbon bow at the shot is different than aluminum. Carbon offers more of a dampened feel with less vibration. The carbon riser is also much warmer to the touch in cold conditions than an aluminum riser, something you don’t think about until it’s too late.

The light weight of the Carbon Defiant series is also a plus for the hunter that backpack hunts and wants the lightest gear they can find. My Carbon Defiant Turbo saw a few high elevation hunts last year and less is certainly more when you are climbing up mountains. The old adage of “ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain” applies here.

Of course none of this matters if the bow doesn’t allow the archer to shoot accurately. I am not the best archer around but with the Hoyt dialed in, I feel very confident in being able to put an arrow where I want it. The Carbon Defiant Turbo has proven to be very consistent and accurate.

Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

My hunting time is very, very important to me. Like many of you, I am prepping the entire off-season for the fall hunts. Going over every detail of my gear and making sure that I put every controllable advantage in my favor so that when I am afield I can focus on hunting and not gear. We all make decisions and choices that form our own personal direction. The Carbon Defiant series has performed in the field and I choose Hoyt again this season because I trust the bows they make will not let me down.

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