Amy has always been passionate about the outdoors. She was introduced to hunting the fall of 2003 after she had married her husband Robert. She knew hunting was for her from the moment she stalked up on her first Muley buck and shot him. Learning to hunt has been a lot like the stages from infancy to adulthood. She started out with Robert spotting and stalking the animals for her and basically setting her gun up and telling her to find the animal in my scope and shoot. Fast forward nine years and she has advanced to the point of doing archery hunts for bears in Idaho by herself. She has enjoyed every part of the journey and she knows that she has so much more to learn in the field and that is what keeps her excited and motivated.

Most of Amy’s hunting is do it yourself, public land. She has harvested animals with a rifle, bow and muzzleloader. The thing she loves the most is the challenge of spot and stalk with a bow. She states that there is such a rush when you have a black bear at 20 yards in your bow site or when you have belly crawled for hours to get within range of plains game.

She has been very blessed to share this passion with her three sons. She has been 8 ½ months pregnant in a tree stand in Idaho hunting bears and she harvested a nice whitetail buck two weeks before her due date. As newborns, Amy’s sons have camped in a tent and have ridden on her or Robert’s backs while hunting. The challenges of hunting and the overall outdoor experience are things that she values and wants to pass on to her own children and others.

Hunting is more than just harvesting an animal. It is the sacrifices made to get there. It is the pain of hiking all day with blistered feet. It is the feeling of spotting an animal and making the stalk. It is the anguish of when it doesn’t work out. It is the incredible rush when you make a great shot. It is the test of endurance when you have to skin, quarter and pack out your animal. All of these things are what make hunting the rewarding sport that it is, and this is why Amy hunts.