Elite Hunting Packs

Elite Hunting Packs – Kifaru and Stone Glacier

Elite Hunting Packs - Kifaru and Stone Glacier By Matt Cashell Stone Glacier (left) and Kifaru provide back-country hunters with excellent options for toting gear in and trophy...

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide External Frame Backpack

Cabela's Alaskan Guide - External Frame Jared Bloomgren ("J-Rod")   As backcountry hunters we are always looking for the best way to get our animals out of the rough...

Eberlestock Just One

Eberlestock Just One Packs.  Here on Rokslide, we often discuss the super-packs available from Kifaru, Kuiu, and Mystery Ranch. This is for a good reason. These packs have...
Aron pic

Buying A Backpack

Buying A Backpack  A-Z By Aron Snyder, Rokslide Prostaff It’s that time of year again and all the hunting forums seem to get overloaded with “what pack do...

Kifaru Timberline

KIFARU TIMBERLINE  BY Aron Snyder 5lbs 9oz’s 5,400 cubic inches of internal space, 1,800 cubic inches of exterior pockets Dual layer 500 denier Cordura bellow sleeping bag compartment zipper,...

Kuiu Icon

KUIU ICON By Aron Snyder 5lbs 12oz’s (6000) 4lbs 9 oz's (3000) It seems that the design intent for the Icon was simple… bring an alpine mountaineering pack to...

Barney’s Sport Chalet Alaska Pack Frame

Barney's Alaska Pack Frame with Pinnacle Bag By Luke Moffat  It is no coincidence that more Alaskan guides use the Barney's pack frame than any other pack. In fact,...

Mystery Ranch 6500

Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 By Luke Moffat When I first began hearing about the Mystery Ranch NICE packs, I was intrigued at their versatility. With the NICE system from...