EXO 1500 Horn Hauler

EXO 1500 Horn Hauler By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff Shed hunting as an activity has increased 10-fold in the last two decades and companies are seeing a marketing...

Kifaru’s AMR Bag- Up to the Task

Kifaru's AMR Bag—Up to the TaskBy Brock Akers, Rokslide ModeratorWhen it comes to bag selections, Kifaru offers many choices. There is something for every style of hunting. For...

Mystery Ranch New Metcalf

Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf By Matt Cashell, Rokslide Prostaff I started tesing Mystery Ranch's updated Metcalf last summer.  I was able to drive to their Montana location to...
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Paradox Pack Review

Paradox Pack Review By Jared Lampton, Guest Contributor "It's lightweight yet very strong. It's rigid yet flexible. It's simple and efficient yet incredibly versatile." These were the claims...

Kifaru’s Extended Mission Ruck II (EMR II)

  Kifaru's Extended Mission Ruck II (EMR II) By Sam Millard, Rokslide Prostaff What defines a great pack? For me, the most important characteristic of a great pack is...

Exo Mountain Gear 3500 Review

Exo Mountain Gear 3500 by Mark Huelsing, Guest Contributor Exo Mountain Gear hit the market with their first pack designs in early 2014. The company might be the new...
SG 7-2

Stone Glacier Sky 7400

Stone Glacier Sky 7400 by Matt Wymer, Rokslide Prostaff The last few years have seen an evolution in the gear I use and own. I've progressed from wool...

Kuiu Ultra 6000

  Kuiu Ultra 6000 Luke Moffat               Given all the drama surrounding this pack when it was introduced I was apprehensive to purchase it for review.  I do...
KUIU-1850 KT Bull

A Season with an Icon – KUIU’s Icon 1850 Pack System

A Season with an Icon – KUIU’s 1850 pack system Darin Cooper Kurt Toney packing a boned front quarter in his carbon framed Icon 1850 and a massive 8 x...

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Bag – NICE frame

Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf Initial Impressions By Todd Kelly When I heard that the guys down at Mystery Ranch (MR) had a new bag design for the NICE frame system,...