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Review: SJK Bounty 2.0 Backpack

SJK Bounty 2.0 Backpack Reviewby Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff The day was cloudy and bitingly cold. My son James was shivering in his boots, but still peeking through...

Kifaru Fulcrum Backpack Review

The Kifaru  Fulcrum The excitement brought about by the arrival of the Kifaru Fulcrum was short-lived. Any city slicker can ride an old trail nag but only an experienced horseman...

Stone Glacier Terminus Review

In this gear review, Zach Herold puts the Stone Glacier Terminus through the paces of an entire season. He discusses the ins and outs of the backpack and covers...

Kifaru’s AMR Bag- Up to the Task

Kifaru's AMR Bag—Up to the TaskBy Brock Akers, Rokslide ModeratorWhen it comes to bag selections, Kifaru offers many choices. There is something for every style of hunting. For...

Exo Mountain Gear 3500 Review

Exo Mountain Gear 3500 by Mark Huelsing, Guest Contributor Exo Mountain Gear hit the market with their first pack designs in early 2014. The company might be the new...

Rokman Extreme Combo Backpack Review

“Well, it’s different.”   Those were the words from Ryan Avery who was trying to describe the Rokman packs to me over the phone.  I don’t recall exactly what we...
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Buying A Backpack

Buying A Backpack  A-Z By Aron Snyder, Rokslide Prostaff It’s that time of year again and all the hunting forums seem to get overloaded with “what pack do...

Kifaru Fulcrum/Reckoning comparison

Rok staff Jordan Budd compares the Kifaru Reckoning and Fulcrum loaded with gear.

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Bag – NICE frame

Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf Initial Impressions By Todd Kelly When I heard that the guys down at Mystery Ranch (MR) had a new bag design for the NICE frame system,...

Nimrod Carbon Canyon Pack Review

Robby reviews the Carbon Canyon Frame and Bag, from Nimrod Outdoor Co.