Zen Ray Prime HD 10X42 Binoculars

Zen Ray Prime HD 10X42 Binoculars By Matt CashellFor the past few seasons I have been using what I consider the benchmark of hunting binoculars: The Swarovski SLC neu...

Battle of the Big Eyes

Battle of the Big Eyes: Zeiss Diascope 85 tFL and Vortex Razor 85HD: By Matt Cashell Eyepieces: I use a spotting scope for all of my hunting. Over the...

“Extended” Range Riflescope Showdown

“Extended” Range Riflescope Showdown: By Matt Cashell As I crested the ridge, my hunting partner, Jared, whispered to me, “They’re still there! He’s up and feeding.” I settled behind...
manfrotto tripod head 324rc2

Manfrotto Tripod Head 342RC2

Manfrotto Tripod Head 342RC2 By Robby Denning One of my outfitting clients showed up in camp this year with a joystick tripod head.  While I knew these were on...

Hunting for Photos

Hunting for Photos: by Matt Cashell  The modern backcountry hunter doesn't start hunting on opening day.  For many, opening day is the beginning of the end.  They...

What We AREN’T Looking For

Optics for Hunting Part 2:  What We AREN’T Looking For: By Matt Cashell This is the second part of a reference series on optical performance for the hunter.  In...

What are we looking for?

Optics for Hunting:  What are We Looking For? by Matt Cashell  So many hunters have picked up a nice binocular in a store, or in the field, or out of...

Swarovski CT Extendable Spotting Scopes

Swarovski CT Extendable Spotting Scopes   by Robby Denning   If you’re on a budget like me, you probably look in wonder at the high-end HD spotting scopes made by Swarovski and just...

Velbon Ultra Max

VELBON ULTRA MAX REVIEW By Luke Moffat Ok great, so you’ve spent some serious coin on a quality spotter. So what’s next? If you don’t have one already,...

Spotting Scope (65 or 80mm)

Spotting Scopes (65 or 80MM)    Spotting scopes are often one of the most expensive pieces of equipment we as hunters buy. It’s not uncommon for the scopes to cost twice...