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Review: Novagrade Ranger App

Review: Novagrade Ranger App By Les Welch, Rokslide Staff This past April, I purchased the Novagrade Ranger App for my iPhone. I'd never used any digiscoping adapters or apps,...

Rent Guns and Gear Review

Have you ever called to inquire about borrowing your buddies Alpha Binoculars? I’m here to tell you that the awkward silence that follows will test even the best relationships....

Comparing the Maven C.1 to the Swarovski SLC

Just a quick review of the new Maven C.1s and Swarovski SLCs.Oh, and I keep looking to the left because people keep walking down the trail towards me.
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Manfrotto Tripod Head 342RC2

Manfrotto Tripod Head 342RC2 By Robby Denning One of my outfitting clients showed up in camp this year with a joystick tripod head.  While I knew these were on...

Long Range Scope Shootout

Long Range Scope Shootout The market for scopes has been getting hit hard with new optics designed for long-range shooting. Frankly, it can get overwhelming if you are in the...

Nikon HG vs Swarovski CL Compact Binocular Review

While often bigger is better, both Nikon and Swarovski have packed their compact binos with high-end glass while keeping the form factor small and light.This originally started as a...

FHF Gear PRO binocular harness and Razco Gear Holster Review

FHF Gear PRO binocular harness and Razco Gear Holster Review Back in 2012, I took a long drive with a couple of close friends. I started in Hamilton, MT and...

Meopta Meostar B1 10X42 HD binocular

Meopta Meostar B1 10X42 HD binocular Matt Cashell The 10X42 Meopta Meostar HD As I mentioned in the Spotting Scope review, I hunted for several years with the...

Maven CS.1A Spotting Scope Review

Maven CS.1A 15-45x60 Spotting Scope A common question I hear from many clients and others who are semi-new to certain aspects of big game hunting is,"Will affordable optics work well...
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Leica Noctivid vs. Swarovski EL Review

Leica Noctivid vs. Swarovski EL ReviewBy Steve Osminski, Rokslide Guest ContributorLast fall, I found myself in a position between myself and some friends with access to a pile...