Spring Addiction

Spring Addiction By Ross Russell What type of individual is involved in the activity known as shed hunting? This would be anyone that loves being outdoors! Shed hunting is...

Punching Your Elk Tag

Punching Your Elk Tag By Justin Davis The day before, I changed locations in the unit I was elk hunting. I was finding sign, but not locating elk. Instead...

Hunting the West

Hunting the West By Robert Hanneman For this article I am referring to what I put into a hunt from before the tag is obtained, to the harvest of...

Backcountry Water Treatment

Backcountry Water Treatment By Rokslide Staff Any serious outdoorsman knows how important it is to either filter, or use some form of chemical treatment, to all water gathered from...

Shed Hunting Tactics

Shed Hunting Tactics By Aron Snyder Shed hunting was once a hobby for me, but now it has become a bit more like an addiction; glassing open fields and...

Elk Hunting 4 Success

ELK HUNTING 4 SUCCESS By Ross RussellWhat defines or differentiates the 20% of elk hunters that harvest 80% of the elk year after year? Is it luck, experience, perseverance, dedication, practice,...
backcountry food

Backcountry Food

Backcountry Food   by Rokslide Staff   Heading over to the local grocery store or 7-Eleven won't be an option on a backpack hunt and the saying, "what you've...

Arrow Weight Setups

Arrow Weight Set-ups by Rokslide Staff Arrow weight set-ups vary greatly from one bowhunter to another. There are so many factors involved that it is impossible to have...

Breaking 200″

Breaking 200” By Robby DenningWe all know big mule deer are a tough prospect. Some even argue they are the toughest trophy to take in North America. I’ll let the...