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Top 10 Glassing Mistakes

  Top 10 Glassing MistakesWe all make 'em, and they cost us big bucks By Robby Denning, Rokslide Co-Owner   There was a time that few hunters used...

Girlfriend’s Guide to Big Game Hunting

Girlfriend's Guide to Big Game Hunting Amy Hanneman Ok ladies, I know many of you are curious about this whole hunting thing and want to know what’s so great...

Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska

Non-Resident’s Guide to Hunting Alaska By Matt Wymer, Rokslide Moderator Alaska is an amazing place to live, hunt, and recreate.  However, the vastness of the state combined with remote locations and...
Hobbit Rifle

TT#26 Kyle Virgin and the infamous Hobbit Rifle

Today's Tipsy Tuesday has Kyle Virgin sharing his insight on building one of the most adaptable rifles systems in Alaska - The Hobbit Rifle. It was dubbed the Hobbit...

The Strugglestick Addiction: Part I

The Strugglestick Addiction: Part I By Aron Snyder, Host of Kifarucast If you would have asked me a few years ago what I thought about traditional archery, you probably wouldn't have...

Equipment Is Only Half The Battle

Two things account for more horror stories and ruined trips than anything else:  bad equipment and bad hunting partners.  Rokslide has the best equipment reviews and depth of information...

Pack a Raft to Expand Your Options

Pack a Raft to Expand Your Options Luke Moffat Alaska’s road system is very limited. Therefore, accessing much of the state is relegated to those with alternate modes of...

Long Range Made Easy, DVD Review

  DVD Review: Long Range Made EasyBy Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator If you are like me and are always looking at improving your shooting, you need to check out...

Processing a Deer In Hot Weather

Hot weather deer hunting means being ready to cool down the meat as fast as possible to keep it from spoiling.For many places in the country, deer seasons open...
You have the camera but you have to use it to capture great moments

Telling Your Story Part II

Telling Your Story, Part II: From the Field to Final Product By Aron Snyder In Part I - Camera Selection, I covered the best options for a backcountry...