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The Bulls Horseshoe Mountain, Part II

The Bulls of Horseshoe Mountain, Part II By Les Welch, Rokslide Prostaff (Missed Part I? click here) Upon hearing the elk jump from its bed and crash downhill,...

Proper Shot Sequence

Whether you are starting out shooting a compound bow or are an experienced compound shooter that just needs to get back to the basics, this article is for you. ...

onX Hunt Review

By Les Welch, Rokslide Prostaff Don’t leave home without it. No, I’m not talking about your American Express card, I’m talking about your onX Hunt system. Technology has come a long...

Shelters for the High Country

Shelters for the High Country Aron Snyder Shelter options for the backcountry hunter are at an all-time high and anything worth looking at is going to have a high...

From Complacent to Capable, Striving for Competent

From Complacent to Capable, Striving for Competent By Chas Carmichael How many threads here at Rokslide start with “What pack/frame should I get?”, “First time out West...” or “What tent/tarp/bag/boot/quilt will...
Hunter Recruitment

The Importance of Recruiting New Hunters

The Importance of Recruiting New HuntersBy Hunter Cole, Rokslide member At one time or another, all of us were non-hunters. Although some step into the hunting community with...

Setting Up Your Bow, DIY Style

  Setting Up Your Own Bow, DIY Style By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Prostaff Setting up your own bow is a common topic that many archers would like to have...
Glassing steep bear country

Telling Your Story: Part I – Camera Selection

Telling Your Story, Part I: Camera Selection By Aron Snyder It was everything I could do to stay upright on the scree slope. We had spotted a bear ten...

Battle of the 30 Cals

Maybe it stems from fond memories of our fathers or grandfathers pulling the ol' 30-06 out of the cabinet with the faint aroma of Hoppe's No. 9, or from...

Practicing for Success

Practicing for Success Shaun Smith Every year after hunting season is over, most people will throw their bow in the closet not to be touched again until the...