Pony Express Pronghorn

Pony Express Pronghorn! Guest Contributor - Andrew MillerI snap back to reality, blurry-eyed and wrought with defeat. The thin film of dust and dehydration on my pallet guarded by salty,...
Cover of Dennis Wintch

Book Review: Dennis Wintch Mule Deer Hunting Legend

It's research season, but don't think that means just units to hunt or gear to buy. You should be reading everything you can that will help you understand mule...

Trekking Poles – Black Diamond Z-Poles

Black Diamond’s Z-Pole Trekking Poles Ross Russell – Rokslide Pro-Staff   Like most hard core western hunters, I am always looking for ways to shave ounces, become...

Reunited with Mule Deer

REUNITED WITH MULE DEER HUNTING Cindy Wamsley   My passion for hunting runs deep. Need proof? Well, I’d rather be hunting than opening Christmas presents, my favorite place to...
scopin it out

Backcountry Gear Selection – What to Pack

Backcountry Gear Selection – What to Pack Aron Snyder So it’s that time of year again and the emails, PM’s and phone calls about packing lists are rolling...
cordura saddle in camo

Lightweight Cordura Saddle Review

Lightweight Cordura Saddle Review Even if you uses horses to access the backcountry, you still need to keep gear weight to a minimum.  While there are lightweight tents, stoves,...

Long Range Made Easy, DVD Review

  DVD Review: Long Range Made EasyBy Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator If you are like me and are always looking at improving your shooting, you need to check out...
East to West Part 1 brighten

East to West: Planning Your First Backpack Hunt

East to West Part I: Preparing for Your First Western Hunt Part I: Picking the Right Gear By Tye Abell, Rokslide Member As an Eastern hunter living in...

onX Hunt Review

By Les Welch, Rokslide Prostaff Don’t leave home without it. No, I’m not talking about your American Express card, I’m talking about your onX Hunt system. Technology has come a long...

Hunting the West

Hunting the West By Robert Hanneman For this article I am referring to what I put into a hunt from before the tag is obtained, to the harvest of...