Heads up 2

Heads up 2

Weapons of the Fall

By Garret Roe, Heads Up Decoy

When I first started elk hunting 10 years ago, I learned quickly the reality of what it truly was…not what it was portrayed to be in some popular DVD series. I realized that elk live in some nasty stuff and they are hard to find. Your opportunities could be limited so having all the possible weapons at your disposal is important. 


This will be my 30th season as a bowhunter. Seven years ago, I tapped into that experience and realized that it wouldn’t take a full body decoy to lure in a bull elkor any other big game animal for that matterinto bow range. Bow range for me is still 40 yards and in. So I developed the first partial body line of decoys for the archery hunting industry. In its basic design, it is hand held to provide movement, concealment, and portability.

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What I thought I had was a good tool to help draw animals into bow range using standard set ups, but what I realized with experience is that Heads Up Decoys are serious weapons to seal the deal in very aggressive approaches. Our products can be hand held, bow mounted, or clamped to solid objects and used solo or with a partner. Heads Up Decoy, without a doubt is the most versatile decoy/product on the market today. You are not married to one way of using it…and that includes taking the decoy and not using it.

Heads Up Decoys weigh less than a pound, have exceptional graphics, and are incredibly durable. They are designed to take to the field every day of the hunt. Whether you are hunting out of the truck or heading deep into the backcountry, these products will help you create opportunities when opportunities seemed unlikely.

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Over the last five years, we have invalidated many norms for bowhunting with these decoys and provided some of the most intense encounters…often in the wide open. I want people to experience what myself and many other users of Heads Up Decoy are experiencing.

We offer Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Whitetail, and Turkey Decoys. Thank you for your consideration and good luck this fall. Be Mobile…Stay Mobile.


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