The Lathrop and Sons Encompass boots came out in 2021. They were crafted to deliver exceptional support and unmatched comfort. They utilize advanced technology to guarantee great performance. The boot outsole offers excellent grip, making it an all-season hunting boot. Its midsole and soft cushioning provide great comfort.

Lathrop and Sons Encompass Boots

Spending over 86 days with the boots lent to testing them in multiple states, various terrain, and a wide range of temperatures. The interior design of the boot and the way it cups the ankle offers exceptional support and comfort. The eVent waterproof barrier not only allowed for excellent breathability but kept all external moisture where it belongs; outside the boot.

I was put in a unique situation in that the material to make the custom footbeds was back-ordered. Therefore I was able to test the boots for the first part of the review with the standard footbeds. The standard footbeds performed well except for occasionally bunching up when going down steep terrain or side-hilling. When the custom footbeds arrived, I followed the instructions and put them in my boots. I immediately noticed a difference in comfort. The custom footbeds offer much more cushion than the standard footbeds and due to the type of material they are made out of, all slippage and bunching up was alleviated.

Overall the Encompass boots did excellently. If I could change anything I would make them lighter. However, typically as gear gets lighter the trade-off is durability.

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