That’s right.  This one’s Live.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m also an outfitter in Idaho. I operate on private land in SE Idaho. While elk pay the bills, we do kill a few good bucks on the ranches.

My Rokslide partner and co-owner Ryan Avery and I are both Idahoans.  Although we’ve ran Rokslide for nearly four years together, we’ve never had the chance to hunt together (we live on opposite ends of the state). First Lite, owned by Kenton Carruth, is also one of our original sponsors. Kenton is from Ketchum, Idaho.

So when I had a few openings for an early-rut mule deer hunt, I called the guys. They don’t look gift horses in the mouth and the hunt was on!

They both arrived in Idaho Falls today and we headed up to one of the ranches I manage. We’re staying in an old trailer house that Kenton gives a two star rating (he hasn’t seen the live-in tree squirrel yet.) We’ll be hunting the next five days.

We just got hit with a big rain storm but it’s turning to snow as I type this. The bucks should be around the does. I’ve seen a few good bucks earlier this fall so hoping to run into them or find some others as the rut kicks in.

We’ll be posting this hunt on the Live Hunt Forum.  If you’d like to follow, click here and subscribe to the thread.  Hunt starts tomorrow at first lite (pun intended)

See you there!

You can read about all the techniques I use when hunting the rut for big mule deer in my new book, Hunting Big Mule Deer: How to Take the Best Buck of Your Life.  Just click on the cover below…