The options for pyramid-style shelters have never been more diverse than right now. It seems like the number of companies offering floorless tents outfitted with a stove jack has doubled since I wrote my first shoot-out article for Rokslide in 2017. One company that has designed and brought to market a shelter in that short window of time is PEAX Equipment. They are a small company based in Bozeman, Montana, offering a selection of gear for backcountry hunters, such as trekking poles, gaiters, and shelters.

PEAX Solitude 4 Tipi

This spring, I had an opportunity to test and review their Solitude 4 Tipi while bear hunting in Montana and Idaho. I was comped the tipi for this review with the agreement I can write about it objectively. Throughout the spring, I tested its unique features, performance, and versatility in a variety of environments and conditions, including alpine wind, rain, and heat.

Design and Specifications

When pitched, the Solitude 4 Tipi has an elliptical shape with minimal flat walls, which aids in high wind performance.  The center pole cone stands at 80 inches, and the footprint is 94 ft2. These dimensions give the shelter relatively steep walls with ample usable interior space and efficient snow-shedding capability. There are insertion points in the peak of the shelter (called Crosstrek Stabilization) that allow the use of trekking poles to form a cross-member structure for added snow load and wind-stabilizing performance.

The Solitude with stakes and the carbon fiber center pole weighs 3.3 lbs. The optional footprint is 0.85 lbs adding up to 4.15 lbs for the full shelter. The center pole has a total of six sections and adjusts between 78 and 86 inches allowing for adjustment on uneven ground. The twelve supplied stakes are robust and will cover all points on the perimeter as well as the two main guy-out points on the shelter sides.

PEAX Carbon Center Pole to Floor
Carbon Center Pole to Floor
Premium Materials

The PEAX Solitude 4 tipi is constructed using premium materials, with the body made of 20d silnylon. It is waterproofed with a proprietary coating which is touted to be long-lasting. The high-stress points, such as the cone, guy-out points, and stake-out points, are reinforced with X-pac material for added strength. The overall build quality is exceptional, with durable materials, precise stitching, and factory-taped seams, which inspire confidence in its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The optional clip-in footprint has raised sides giving it a semi-bathtub shape which helps keep moisture from blowing into the tent. It also features a zip-out panel that allows for the placement of a stove directly under the stove jack. The ability to use a stove with the floor is a great option to have. The stove jack is large for use with stove pipes up to 4 inches in diameter. The user needs to cut the panel to fit the intended size of use. The flap is well secured in high winds with Velcro and flips over the center cone when in use.

The full list of specs can be found here.

Setup and Ease of Use

Setting up the Peax Solitude Tipi is a straightforward process, thanks to its intuitive design, and is even more simple with the use of the footprint. Staking out the footprint first helps with the placement of the shelter as it gives a general idea of how the tent will orient on the ground. The next step is to slip the line-lock loops over the floor stakes and insert the center pole. It is then a matter of adding the additional stakes and tensioning the shelter. There are small clips on the footprint that match a corresponding loop on the lower tent wall to secure them together.

Weather Testing

The Solitude Tipi is designed with weather resistance in mind. The high-quality materials used in its construction, including the Dyneema cordage on the line locks and reinforced stitching, ensure that it can withstand prolonged exposure to rain, snow, and wind. The tipi’s sturdy carbon pole provides excellent structural support, and the use of the trekking pole cross member aids in stability during inclement weather.

The fabric in the tent body has been incredibly waterproof during downpours, with the sealed seams providing protection against moisture intrusion. The fabric sags slightly when wet and is similar to other silicone-coated fabrics I’ve tested. The steep walls help prevent water from pooling, minimizing the risk of leaks, while the bathtub-style floor prevents water seepage from below.

When using floorless shelters in wet and snowy conditions, I typically rely on an additional groundsheet or bivy sack for an adequate barrier to the wet ground, but the footprint of the solitude eliminates packing those extra items.

Great For Windy Hunts

The tent’s elliptical design contributes to its great performance in high winds. Large flat surfaces are minimized with this tent, making fabric flap a non-issue. The reinforced guy lines keep the tent firmly anchored and the fabric tight in gusty conditions. There are five guy-out points on each side which add immense stability when all are in use. Additionally, the shelter pitches close to the ground to minimize drafts along the bottom edge.

Interior Comfort

The Peax Solitude has a spacious and usable interior. The tent’s floor plan maximizes usable space and comfortably fits two with gear and a stove. The double doors allow for easy access without stepping on or over your partner or their gear. With ample headroom and steep walls, even taller individuals can move around inside without feeling confined. The vestibule area offers additional storage space for gear, keeping the sleeping area clutter-free. The stove end of the shelter has room for extra wood and space for storing gear and personal belongings.


The tent’s ventilation features are worth highlighting, as they play a crucial role in providing a comfortable environment. The Solitude’s vents are generally effective at minimizing condensation. But, in extremely humid or cold conditions, condensation can still occur, leading to moisture buildup inside the tent. This is a common issue with most single-wall shelters and is worth noting for users expecting to operate frequently in these conditions. Using a wood stove helps dry the interior but expect the moisture to build up when the fire dies.

The two vents near the peak and the large doors with two-way zippers (when opened slightly) facilitate airflow. Thus minimizing condensation build-up and ensuring moist air is vented outside. As with all single-wall shelters, condensation does occur and can be mitigated with placement and pitching. It should be noted that the use of the footprint is helpful in reducing condensation in damp ground conditions.


Single-wall shelters tend to be lighter and more compact than traditional tents, making them popular among backcountry hunters. The Peax Solitude tipi, while lightweight compared to many traditional tents, does not match the ultralight specifications of smaller floorless shelters. However, it offers more room and interior drying space and isn’t much different in weight than other similar-sized floorless shelters.

The packed size of a shelter is a crucial factor for backpack hunters almost as much as weight. The Solitude’s packed size (6”x 21”) easily fits into backpacks. And the footprint is small at 4.5”x 10” and can be given to a partner to help split the load. While the footprint adds slightly to the overall weight and bulk of the shelter, users may need to evaluate whether the advantages of using one outweigh the disadvantages when packing for a trip.


Overall, the PEAX Solitude 4 Tipi performs well in wet and windy weather. The oval shape and added guy-outs minimize fabric flap in gusty conditions while the steep side walls shed moisture efficiently. Condensation isn’t a major issue in most conditions as the added floor helps manage ground moisture in wet environments. And the peak vents work well at expelling moist air. Additionally, the footprint helps in the setup and placement when pitching the shelter.  The PEAX Solitude is bulkier and heavier than other minimalist, lightweight shelters but is similar to other shelters in its size class. Whether facing rain, snow, or wind, the PEAX Solitude 4 Tipi offers comfort and protection against the elements.

Price: $645 shelter with carbon pole & stakes, plus $150 for the optional footprint.

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