I started hunting big mule deer without much more than a dream and a few extra dollars.  Dad had set me up pretty good with the essentials: a good rifle, a good truck, and a back built for working.  Beyond that, the rest was up to me.

When I got really serious about hunting big bucks, I was in my early twenties and in college but with an aversion to borrowing money.  I had to figure out how to buy good gear for cash but still have enough left to hunt all fall.  I made it happen and while I looked a lot like Elmer Fudd, I was comfortable enough to pull off any hunt I set my mind on.  It was during those years that I learned quality gear–even if it’s not “cool”– is a good investment.

Finances are better than back then but there’s still no money tree growing in the back yard.  I’m still squeezing the dollars for all their worth.

One category that I learned I can save money in was pac boots.  I started using Schnee’s Hunter II back in 2007.  These are a high-quality rebuildable boot that add value to your original purchase.

So before you forget all about cold-weather hunting until the snow flies next fall, check out this 1-minute video review of my second rebuild. If you’re in the market for a good pac, you might also read my written review.  Links are below the photos.


Video Rebuild Here: Schnee’s 1-Minute Rebuild


Written Review Here: Schnee’s Hunter II Pac Boot

Read about essential gear for the mule deer hunting in my book, Hunting Big Mule Deer




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Robby Denning
Robby Denning started hunting mule deer in the late 1970’s, only missing one season in 35 years. At 25, he gave up the pursuit of all other big-game to focus on taking the best bucks possible. He began hunting the West on a DIY budget hunting an average of 30 days a year for mule deer. Robby loves the hunt as much as the kill and the entire process from research to scouting to hunting. He’s killed four bucks over 200 inches in the last 15 seasons, mostly on easily-obtained tags. He owns a public-land scouting service and runs a private-land outfitting business helping other hunters in their pursuit of deer and elk. Robby has scouted and hunted literally thousands of square miles of mule deer country and brings a wealth of knowledge about these experiences with him. To him, the weapon of choice is just a means-to-an-end and will hunt with bow, rifle, or muzzleloader – whatever it takes to create an opportunity to take a great mule deer. He is also the author of "Hunting Big Mule Deer" available on Amazon. Robby believes all of creation is from God for man to manage, respect, and through which to know its Creator