Travis Hobbs Scouting Big Deer
Travis with a 226 Idaho Mule Deer from 2017


Big Bucks
Pre-Scouting Pic of Travis 2017 Idaho Velvet Deer
Travis Holds Big Buck
Travis with a 226″ Idaho Velvet Mule deer he had pre-scouted from earlier in 2017

Travis Hobbs and Dustin Wittwer jump on the podcast to discuss Scouting Deer and why it is so important, and why you should make time in the summer to get out as much as possible. Travis tells a few stories on how it has paid off for him over the years and why you should consider making time to scout deer.

Travis Holds Big Mule Deer
Travis with a 240″+ Deer from Idaho in 2014
Big Velvet Mule Deer
The 240″+ Deer in Velvet from 2014

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