Badlands Supernova Review
To say that I am cold blooded is an understatement. When I decided to take up hunting last winter I knew that I would have to start looking for a puffy jacket that would not only keep me warm but keep me warm while sitting stationary glassing for animal at near or well below freezing for hours. We looked at several puffy’s from many popular brands. I found that most clothing made by hunting companies were too big for my size. Then at the shot show last year we stopped by the Badlands booth. They had a new down puffy called the supernova. I was excited to put it on as see that the medium fit me very well.
Fast-forward to spring bear hunting season. In north Idaho its always wet. My husbanded joked about how we are a great place to test out clothing because the sun never shines here. My first trip out of course it was raining and in the mid 30. We glassed from daylight till around 3.30 and not once did I get even slightly chilled. I did have a little rain get in under my rain jacket with zero affect on the treated down. One of the best features on this jacket is it breathability. Like I stated before I am cold blooded so I never want to take it off even when I should. After many long treks, I am surprised on how fast it dries and how I don’t feel clammy.
Badlands also claims that this treated down generates its own body heat when it comes in contact with the human body(up to 6 degrees). I can’t really prove that but what I can say is that in 25 days of hunting in this jacket from 45 to 10 degrees, most times in the rain I was never cold. I did wear the appropriate merino underwear and a rain shell. But not once did I want to quit because I was cold. No matter how many time Ryan asked me. 
Jacket Features,
Biothermic Outer Layer
So, we’ve kept you dry with the base layer and retained your body heat with some gnarly insulation. However, there are three parts to obtaining functional fusion; the third is to keep out the cold. No SH#$*$ you say… Although, this may sound obvious it is far more difficult than you may expect. It is actually three challenges in one. We conquer each one of these through the use of several unique materials which stop the wind and rain, and allow moisture to “vapor out” through a microporous membrane.
Dryvent Moisture wicking Fabric
The DryVent™ Membrane features a Hydro-folic coating, which draws moisture towards the surface of the fabric. This highly efficient vapor transfer keeps you dry and comfortable, even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Treaded down seem to really take the damp weather
  • Much warmer than expected
  • Streamline cut(athletic)
  • Price
  • Like to see a hooded version.