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Lathrop & Sons Mountain Hunter Boot Review

Lathrop & Sons Mountain Hunter Boot Reviewby Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide StaffThere are many things to consider when purchasing equipment and gear for your future hunts. Many weigh differently...
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Review: Crispi Wyoming Boot

Crispi Wyoming Boot ReviewBy Les Welch, Rokslide Staff The balls of my feet were beginning to get warm. I was four miles in but still had 22 to...

Review: Schnee’s Hunter II Pac Boot Rebuild

I started hunting big mule deer without much more than a dream and a few extra dollars.  Dad had set me up pretty good with the essentials: a good...
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Zamberlan 960 Guide Boot Review

Zamberlan 960 Guide Boot ReviewBy Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator Type in the search box on Rokslide "best backcountry boot" and be prepared for a few seconds of load...
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Crispi Idaho GTX Boot Review

Crispi Idaho GTX Boot Review By Guest Writer Dustin Wittwer of Team Backcountry Certain pieces of backcountry gear are crucial to a successful hunt. During this review, I...

Crispi Nevada GTX Hunting Boot

Crispi Nevada GTX Hunting BootBy Ross Russell, Rokslide Prostaff One thing you learn early on as a mountain hunter is that if your feet aren't happy, you aren't...
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Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot System Review

Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot System Review By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Prostaff For years I have been told that Lathrop & Sons do a great job helping you...
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Lathrop & Sons High Country Synergy Footbed

  Lathrop & Sons High Country Synergy Footbed Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator Boots are arguably the most important part of your hunting system and can make or break...

Lathrop & Son’s Tech-Lite Hunter Review

Tech-Lite Hunter Review by Luke Moffat, Rokslide Prostaff It's no question that finding a boot that works for your feet is vital for the backcountry hunter. Simply said,...
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Schnee’s Absaroka Boot Review

The Schnee's Absaroka By Erik Wallace, Guest Contributor Schnee's designed their Absaroka, named for the Absaroka Mountain Range straddling the Montana/Wyoming border, for the serious backpack hunter. It's...