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Custom Bow Equipment (CBE) Sights


by Jared Bloomgren


So what makes a great sight? Many think durability, accuracy, craftsmanship, trustworthy, strong, versatile, dynamic, precision, etc. etc… Are there any companies out there that offer all this? There are a couple and here is one such company.

Let the question be answered by Custom Bow Equipment (CBE). They do just that and more. They are a company that stands behind their product and goes beyond with their customer service to help those that need it when they need it. The CBE company has been around for a very long time and knows what it takes to make a great sight. I have never once been disappointed or let down by their sights and their customer service is top notch as well. 

 dsc 0034Let’s take a look at two different sights from CBE. These are two of my favorite and accompany any of my bows at this time. The Sniper Pro XL and the new Tek-Hybrid sights. I am currently running the Sniper Pro XL on two of my bows and the Tek-Hybrid on my backcountry bow. 



dsc 0035The Sniper Pro has been around for a few years and now CBE is offering it with the XL housing. I like this option as it has a bigger sight aperture and allows me to add more pins. I am able to get 7 pins with the XL housing and have enough room for movement.  The Sniper Pro and Sniper Pro XL offer exceptional precision, combined with unsurpassed toughness and durability. These premium sights feature;


  1. Patented, multi-position mounting hole design
  2. Micro-adjustable windage unit
  3. Macro-adjustable elevation unit
  4. Laser-marked positioning lines
  5. Rheostat light for adjustable pin brightness
  6. Black anodized or Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camo finish


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    New for 2012 is the Tek-Hybrid. CBE listened to many customers and came up with a great design that basically takes the Sniper Pro and incorporates an elevation system into it.  The Tek-Hybrid is a combination of both target and hunting sight technologies. It can be used as an adjustable single-pin or a fixed-pin, variable-setting hybrid style sight. I decided to put 5 pins on mine with the 5th pin being my floater pin. This has come in very handy at various 3D shoots because often times there are shots out past 100 yards. With the rapid drive elevation system I am able to easily adjust out to yardages farther than with past sights that I have used. Features include the following: 


    1. Available with single-pin or multi-pin housing
    2. Multiple adjustments for windage and elevation
    3. Patented, multi-position mounting hole design
    4. CBE’s exclusive, rapid-drive elevation system
    5. Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
    6. Sight and scope leveling
    7. Black anodized finish
    8. Rhino pin upgrade available, excluding the XL housing.


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    Each of these two sights also offers various options as far as scope housing, lenses, and lights. I have been very pleased with CBE sights over the years. They do everything that I expect a sight to do for me. Durability and precision are very important to me as I spend numerous days far away from any establishment that would be able to fix a sight or replace my current set-up. Having a sight that can hold up to the abuse is very important to anybody and having the confidence in your sight is very important. I trust CBE and I know that their sights will not let me down while I am many miles away from civilization. Nobody wants to have their equipment or gear fail on them while in the backcountry. CBE will not let me down and gives me everything needed to remain successful. 


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Take a look at their various equipment at www.custombowequipment.com


While you are at it take a look at Scott Archery’s new Predator line of releases that I have been very impressed with. The Scott Wolf and Wolverine are a couple of releases that are top notch releases for this year. You won’t be disappointed! 


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Jared Bloomgren
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