The Maven C.1 10X42 Binoculars caught my attention recently while getting my daughter geared up for hunting season. She needed quality glass but there is no way I could outfit her with “alpha glass”. Maven has a great reputation for quality above their price point so I felt the C.1 would be a great option.

Maven C.1 10×42 Binoculars

These things are impressive! Just like the CS.1A spotter I reviewed. They are compact and weigh in at 24 ounces. While my daughter used them exclusively, I used them on occasion to see how they worked in different conditions. I determined that they are a good pair of glass that will get the job done.

Probably due to how much I use the binoculars during a glassing session, I notice a bigger difference in glass quality from my Swarovski EL’s than I do with spotting scopes. From eye fatigue to lowlight. Now with that being said, I can find animals well with them. And, they are better than other midrange binoculars I have tried. Much better than the midrange Leopold and Vortex my friends own. I feel they are similar in performance to the old pair of Zeiss classics I owned for years. And I found an abundance of animals with those.

Overall performance

I’m extremely happy with the Maven C.1 10×42 binoculars. I could never have afforded high-end binoculars for my kids and these work very well. They are perfect for someone just getting into western hunting. At under 400 bucks, I recommend them to anyone not wanting to break the bank. In my opinion that they are the best value of any I have seen. You would have to go to the next level which starts at $2K to really step up. Order yours here.

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