The Revic Acura Spotting Scope intrigued me the first time I heard about it. There aren’t many spotting scopes on the market that feature a reticle which is great to have for several uses. And this is the only one I’m aware of that comes with an eyepiece for normal glassing and an eyepiece with a reticle for spotting shots. Revic offers the Acura with 65mm or 80mm objectives. I’ll be reviewing the Revic Acura S80a. More info here.

Revic Acura Spotting Scope

As mentioned above, the Revic Acura Spotting scope includes two eyepieces. A variable zoom eyepiece and a fixed reticle eyepiece. The S65a is 22-45x with variable or 18x with the fixed reticle eyepiece. The S80a is 27-55x with variable or 22x with the fixed reticle eyepiece. The Acura S80a, both eyepieces and neoprene cover, came in an EPP foam carry case. There are no lens covers other than the neoprene cover. There is also a complete spotting scope and tripod kit available that includes a hard case.

Revic Acura S80a Key Specs
  • Weight 55 oz.
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 80mm.
  • Waterproofing – IP7 – 1 Meter for 5 Minutes.
  • Extra Low Dispersion Glass.
  • 22x Eyepiece – 11 oz.
  • 27-55x Eyepiece – 12 oz.
Glass Quality

The Revic clarity was good. I compared it side by side in the field with my Swarovski ATS HD 20-60×80, and it held its own. I think the Swarovski ATS was slightly better overall but not by as big a margin as I would have thought. It was bright even early in the morning and late in the evening. I felt the color was neutral without the bad blue or green tint that some optics have. You would have to spend quite a bit more money to get a significant upgrade in glass quality.

The focus ring is located in the middle of the objective body, like most other spotters. I found that I had to get it just right for the clearest view but it wasn’t difficult. Gripping the focus ring was easy, even with the neoprene cover on the Revic. After using the Acura S80a for most of the year I would have no issue taking it on any of my hunts.

Revic Fixed Reticle Eyepiece

The fixed reticle eyepiece is a great addition to the variable magnification eyepiece. The MOA reticle will appeal to a lot of hunters and shooters. Although a MIL reticle option should be added or, better yet, a combination reticle with both scales included. That is the only real negative I could see and it will only be a negative to about half the shooters. There is at least a small MIL scale on the right side. The reticle can be focused independently by twisting the focus ring on the fixed eyepiece.

Variable Zoom Eyepiece

The 27-55x eyepiece has a smaller zoom range compared to some spotting scopes on the market. That is my only complaint about it. At least it is very usable throughout the zoom range. There are grooves on the outside, giving the user a good grip to adjust the zoom even with thick gloves.

Exterior and Ergonomics

The size and shape of the Acura S80a are similar to the other 80mm spotters I’ve used. The zoom ring is located on the eyepiece (for variable zoom eyepiece) and the focus ring is located in the middle of the body. The objective features a slide-out sunshade to help with glare. A small knob is located on the side of the body and can be loosened to allow the spotter to rotate. The foot of the Acura is threaded to accept the plates required for different tripod heads. I prefer the foot to be Arca-Swiss so an adapter isn’t needed at all.


The Revic Acura worked great for digiscoping. I was able to get some great photos using my Novagrade Phone Adapter. The eyepiece is close enough in diameter to my ATS spotter that I didn’t even have to swap out the rings on the Novagrade to switch between spotters. Getting sharp images at long distances was no problem, as you can see from the photo below, taken at around 400 yards.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an all-in-one spotting scope package, the Revic is a great choice. The neoprene cover protects the Revic from dust and scratches. Although the objective cap could be improved. The fixed reticle eyepiece is a great addition but should include a bigger MIL scale along with MOA. Overall I recommend the Revic for anyone who would like the option of a reticle in their spotting scope. The complete spotting scope and tripod kit is the easy button for anyone looking for a complete kit and a hard storage case. Order your Revic spotting scope here.

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Side Bar: Revic Hunter Tripod

I used the Revic Hunter Tripod for a couple hunting trips, scouting, and shooting. It falls in a do-all category for me. It’s not an ultralight backpacking tripod and it’s not as big and steady as my dedicated shooting tripod but it’s a great choice for someone who doesn’t want multiple tripods. It comes with a good ball head and there is also the FH1 Fluid Head available. The FH1 was great for glassing but I ultimately preferred the ball head for the combination of glassing and shooting. The Revic Hunter tripod weighs just over four pounds with the ball head and is tall enough (for me at 5’10”) to glass standing.  As I mentioned above, the complete spotting scope and tripod kit is the way to go.

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