I received the Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Tac bipod just before the 2023 rifle season, and I used it on several hunts with my daughters. My previous bipods were heavier and less versatile, so I was excited to try the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac. Our hunts usually involve hiking steep brushy terrain, so finding ways to reduce weight and improve ergonomics is always on my mind. The bipod comes in a regular version (7 to 9 inches) and a long version (9 to 12 inches). One of the first things I noticed was the lightness of these bipods; the regular version weighs 7.6 oz, and the long version weighs 8.3 oz, making a noticeable difference in the field compared to others I’ve ran.

Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod
Javelin Pro Hunt Tac Bipod

I received the long Javelin Pro Hunt Tac for review (Rokslide arranged the review with Spartan, a Rokslide advertiser, but the agreement was I can give any feedback I want, like all Rokslide reviews.) Spartan also sent the regular legs, which were extremely easy to swap. The legs are made of carbon, enhancing the bipod’s lightness. The Pro-Hunt bipod offers a 30-degree left and right traverse and a 15-degree cant in each direction, adding to its versatility.

Bull Elk
Magnetic Attachment System

One of the standout features of this bipod is its magnetic attachment system, allowing for quick and easy attachment and detachment from the rifle. This feature was a game-changer, because it meant not having the bipod in the way while hiking. I typically carry my rifles with a gun bearer, and before, the bipod would often be uncomfortably close to my face, requiring frequent adjustments.

This year, we opted for a lighter rifle chambered in 6.5 SAUM, weighing 6.5 pounds, to give my daughters better control and ease of carrying. The difference was truly noticeable after switching to the ProHunt bipod and hiking without one attached. Spartan offers a variety of adapters, including Arca, Picatinny, and sling swivel. Having a bipod is essential for me when taking my girls hunting.

Whitetail Buck
Fast and Versatile

The Javelin Pro Hunt’s quick leg adjustment is another significant advantage. The mechanism is fast and locks securely, crucial for keeping the rifle level and making swift adjustments during a hunt. The ground grip is good. It has carbide tips and attached rubber boots that can stick to various surfaces.

On one occasion, we positioned the bipod with a rubber boot against a rock, and the other end’s carbide tip dug into wood, allowing my daughter to take a successful shot. When hunting with kids, quickly getting them into a comfortable and stable shooting position is crucial, but sometimes challenging in rugged terrain. I always need to be sure they’re well-positioned before taking a shot. My daughters successfully took two bulls and two bucks this season, with at least two of those shots made possible by the Pro-Hunt’s quick adjustability.

Magnetic Attachment System

However, there are some drawbacks. Being quick to detach, the Pro hunt is not meant to attach to the rifle permanently. Unlike traditional bipods, it doesn’t fold and is always extended. While I love this feature, it can be a double-edged sword; it’s easy to misplace or lose, especially in the heat of the moment. It helps to have a safe, quickly accessible place to carry it. A few seconds spent rummaging in your bag for it could mean a missed opportunity. This just goes with the territory of detachables.  Additionally, while the magnetic attachment is strong, it could be better. A firm tug, such as getting caught on brush, could dislodge it when hiking with it attached.


The bipod performed excellent in the field, and I achieved good shooting groups with it on a bench. But of course, its lightweight construction feels less sturdy than some of the heavier bipods I’ve used. When shooting from a concrete bench, it felt only slightly stiff. For bench shooting, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Steep Country
Great Bipod Overall

Despite these minor issues, I’m a big fan of the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac bipod and plan to continue using it. I’ve already adapted my rifles and muzzleloaders to use the adapter, which is a huge plus–the same bipod can be used on multiple rifles, saving both money and hassle. Javelin Pro Hunt Tac

*To Note: Spartan also sent me a Springbok bipod with flexible leg attachments and adjustable carbon legs extending up to 38 inches, offering even more versatility. It’s slightly heavier at 10.6 ounces but uses the same attachment system. I can see it helpful in specific hunting scenarios and plan to review it separately.

In conclusion, the Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Tac bipod is an excellent choice for hunters who prioritize ease of use, lightweight design, and adaptability. While it may not be the best for permanent attachment or bench shooting, its advantages in active hunting situations are undeniable. Available here.

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