Whether it’s navigating scree, blitzing across creeks, or post-holing through snow, having gaiters can make the hunt much more enjoyable. While relatively simple in concept, sleek new features and modern twists on all-time classic designs really set the new Stone Glacier SQ2 Alpine Gaiters apart from the crowd.

Designing Stone Glacier’s SQ2 Alpine Gaiter

Initial Setup and Adjustment

SQ2 Alpine Gaiters First Impressions

In early release previews, the first change that really caught my attention was the replaceable Dyneema bootstrap. Gone is the coated nylon strap with pin buckle that was prone to failure when you needed it most.

With Stone Glacier’s design, worst case scenario you can tie a knot in the broken Dyneema or replace it with cordage to finish the hunt. For extended hunts or a full guide season, it would be helpful if Stone Glacier sold the straps separately on the website allowing the option of carrying a spare. More info here.

More Stretch

The main leg material of the gaiters has more stretch and is without a doubt more breathable without sacrificing waterproofness than other gaiters I have used in the past.

Walking step-for-step with one of my moose clients this fall who had a new pair of a competitor’s gaiters, my feet stayed drier than his while crossing creeks.

Fit And Versatility

Adjustability continues to set the Stone Glacier SQ2 Alpine Gaiters apart from the crowd. The hook and loop leg closures give the ability to contour fit which accommodates different levels of layering depending on seasonal needs.

The upper calf buckle is another improvement from traditional designs. The buckle never popped open when beating through brush and rarely needed to be retightened. Both features kept the gaiter from ever sliding down my calf throughout the day.


Gaiters are a valuable piece of gear for the backcountry hunter, especially in Alaska. After a very full season of hunting without a single issue, I have no doubt that the Stone Glacier SQ2 Alpine Gaiter will do what you ask of them. Order yours here.

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