Review: Vortex Gen II Razor HD 27-60X Spotter
by Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Staff

Vortex Optics seems to always have something new to intrigue those of us that spend many hours in the field behind great optics.  Vortex has redesigned their Razor spotters and incorporated some great improvements (some of us are already trying to figure out how to explain to the wife that we need a new spotting scope.) One thing that many backcountry hunters would have liked to see is a lighter version of the last Razor, but that isn't happening. The tradeoff is a high performance optic that is a step above the previous generation.


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Novagrade Phone Adapter Review

By Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff

Hunting has provided me with some of the best moments in my life. Whether I was solo or hunting with friends and family, the good times rolled and memories were made for a lifetime. Reliving and re-hashing those memories is one of the great companion activities to hunting. I loved hearing the stories of trial and triumph from my family. Now my kids love hearing my stories and feel like they were there in the moment, even after the 500th time of hearing them. However, the stories mean so much more when there is a picture, or even better a video, to go with the story.


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Zeiss Victory SF 10x42

by Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff

If there is a classic configuration of western hunting binoculars, it has to be the 10x42. This combination offers an acceptable exit pupil (4.2mm) for low light viewing while affording moderately high magnification for detailed observation. It is also a nice balance of hand-hold-ability versus tripod-usefulness. Most hunters can get sufficiently steady with just their hands or improvised support (elbows on knees, grasping baseball cap bill, etc.) to resolve a sharp image. Yet, 10x is made all the more useful on a tripod, where a high-performing binocular truly shines.


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Meopta Meostar 15X56 HD Binocular

by Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff

Most Rokslide readers know I have been using various optics from Meopta Sport Optics over the last decade. The Meopta Meostar HD 10X42 is my reference standard Western hunting binocular with its top-level optical performance, robust build quality, and moderate price.

Meopta has since expanded the HD series of full-size binoculars. The "fullest sized" of these is the Meostar 15X56 HD model, and the subject of this article. Thanks to Rokslide moderator, Travis Bertrand, I was able to compare the Meostar HD to the hunter's standard in this category, the Swarovski SLC WB 15X56. The SLC WB is revered by high-magnification binocular users, and provides a good baseline for comparison. The reader should note the WB model is now discontinued, however, and Swarovski has released a newer SLC model incorporating HD glass.  A subsequent test is warranted but this current review will serve many hunters well as the WB is still widely used in the field and available for purchase through some outlets like Rokslide sponsor Camera Land Sport Optics.


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