If you are on Rokslide, you are probably researching hunting gear that fits your needs and budget. When you find a piece of gear you can use in and out of the field, it is a bonus (plus makes it an easier sell to the significant other). This is precisely the case with Canyon Coolers Mule 30. (more info here) I have found it to be my primary source for keeping food and drinks cold while traveling to and from hunting destinations, as well as the weekend youth soccer tournament. This summer, if there was an event happening, the Mule was iced down, and in the back of the truck.

Ice Retention

Being a roto-molded cooler and carrying the Canyon Coolers logo, it goes without saying the Mule is tough and performs well. While I never officially put it through one of my ice retention tests, I can attest it performs well. I’ve loaded it up on a Friday, and there is still ice in it the following Friday while loading it up for another family event. On an extended hunting trip in early September, the Mule held ice for ten days in the back of my truck with minimal opening.

Canyon Coolers Mule Features

As far as features, the folks over at Canyon Coolers put some thought in this, making it an excellent cooler. Built-in wheels and extendable handle, you can easily bring the Mule to a tailgate party or drag it across a field for a youth sport. It does, however, lack ground clearance so towing through gravel or tall grass creates a lot of resistance. It handles pavement and small rocks, no problem, though. The four rubber feet take all of the weight when the cooler is flat so it does not move while you are sitting on it or while it is in the back of the truck.

The built-in bungee is really nice to throw miscellaneous items in as well. It stretches fairly well. Big enough, you probably could get a basketball-sized item in there. The Mule also sports a built-in bottle opener in an-easy-to-see and use location.

Size and Capacity

The cooler is small enough to throw in the back seat if you wanted, but big enough to hold enough beverages for a family of four on a hot three day weekend. The drain plug makes it excellent for draining the water but unnecessary if your cooler is empty as you can tip it over. It also has a small tray to keep items out of the ice or water. It is deep and not wide, so it doesn’t interfere with reaching down into the cooler for drinks.

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller option the Scout 22 might be just right for you. Check out Justin Crossley’s review here.

The Mule comes in a Sandstone color as well as White Marble, both equally aesthetically pleasing. You can pick up the Mule for $250 straight from Canyon Coolers and bring the cool to your next summer event with the added benefit of using it on your next hunting adventure! Order your Canyon Coolers Mule here.

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