I have a pair of Crispi Valdres boots that I have used over the past couple of years and wore the soles out this past season. Kendall with Crispi asked me if I’d do a review on a Crispi resole project. To note, actually these boots were well made and lasted me as long as any boots ever have.

How It Works

I filled out a card and sent them to Gary’s shoe store; 126 North Main Richfield, UT 8470. They do the resole for Crispi. It took right at one month to get them back. When I got them, it was apparent they replaced the outsoles along with the mid-soles. At first glance, they passed the eyeball test as well as felt very well attached. If it weren’t for the rest of the worn boot, I wouldn’t be able to tell it had been reattached.

Cripi Resole

Right out of the gate I felt the difference in the grip–it was back to excellent. I had forgotten how good the grip is on these Vibram soles. The big question was how will they hold up in rough terrain under stress. I got to take them out quite a bit in some rough rocky terrain and they held up very well; this included packing heavy loads. I never did notice any part that had the slightest separation. I was able to use them through November in some cold snowy weather as well as plenty of wet weather. They remained 100 percent waterproof throughout.


Often the first part of a boot to fail is the sole, especially if you take the proper care to the rest of the boot. We go where we go and the outsole is going to take the brunt of it. Good boots aren’t cheap and they are only going to last as long as the weakest component. The option of having the boots resoled could double the life of a boot. These outsoles were re-done at top-notch quality. At a price that runs typically under a hundred dollars, this is well worth it if the rest of the boot still has some miles left. Click here to contact Crispi about resoling your boots.

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