Besides the new Obskura Pattern and Sonora Line (see those reviews here and here) Kryptek added another new pant to their lineup: The Bushcraft pant. See it here.

Kryptek Bushcraft Pant

The silhouette of the Bushcraft pant mixes a durable Cotton/Nylon fabric coupled with four-way stretch fabric. And, a gusseted crotch that ensures comfort and dexterity. This pant has nine various pockets that allow for a large array of uses. The side panels do offer more stretch for flexibility and double reinforced knee areas offer that added durability in areas that can take the most abuse.

Comfort And Durability

I have found the Bushcraft pants to be very comfortable as well. It is obvious that they are much more durable pants than that of the Sonora. I had the same issue with having to go to a larger size due to a waistband with very little stretch. The Bushcraft are slimmer-fitting pants so if you do not like how those styles of pants fit, they may not be for you.

I enjoyed using the Bushcraft pants while working in areas with sharp objects and underbrush. They held up much better than the Senora but are a stiffer material that also attracts every fiber around you.

I have black labs and the amount of hair these pants attracted was crazy and became on the annoying side. Be sure you do not wash these pants with any type of towel or other fabrics as these pants will be covered in that fabric.


The Bushcraft pants come in solid colors only. They can be used in a wide range of lifestyle settings. Or while hunting if you prefer a solid color over that of camo. Kryptek’s addition of solid colors is a welcome addition. Many hunters like to have lifestyle clothing that they can wear at any given time and some prefer solid colors for the hunt, too. You can order yours here.

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