In addition to Kryptek’s addition of the Obskura Pattern, they also added the Sonora Pant and Hoodie for hot weather hunting.

Kryptek Sonora Pant

Kryptek released a new lightweight pant in the Sonora lineup. This pant is the lightest that Kryptek has to offer. The Sonora is designed for extremely hot weather comfort when protection from the elements and terrain is still needed. Athletically cut, this HIGHLY BREATHABLE and fast-drying MESH PANT is exceptionally comfortable. They feature a weft mechanical stretch fabric, fully gusseted crotch, and articulated knees. Jean-style hand pockets on the front, rear-seat pockets with flap on the back. And, two zippered pockets on the thigh complete the minimalist functionality.

Sonora Pant Material

The 100% Polyester, 60g/m2 Melted yarn pant is PAPER THIN MESH that ensures maximized airflow while providing UPF sun protection. The pant is completed with an eco-safe Durable Water Repellent (DWR). This treatment prevents surface saturation even when you are sweating!

Sonora Pant Sizing

When I first tried on these pants I was impressed by how they felt initially but quickly noticed that the fit is a bit on the small side. I needed to go up another size to match the fit I usually had due to the lack of stretch in the waistband. They advertise them as having a mechanical stretch but I am unsure of what that means exactly as I found very little stretch offered in the pant.

However, this pant is extremely comfortable and I enjoyed wearing them in hot temperatures. I never felt as if I was wearing a pant as they are so breathable and thin. The DWR finish is nice but keep in mind that this is only temporary and will wear off over time and it doesn’t make the pants waterproof by any means but water resilient with limited use.


As mentioned above, these pants are nearly paper-thin and mesh-like. My experience shows that these pants will not hold up to continued abuse that many of us will face on various hunts. Underbrush, briars, and anything abrasive will quickly tear the pants apart. This became evident when I wore them while checking game cameras and only walked through a little sagebrush all within a mile of my vehicle.

They were rather nice on those hot days while antelope hunting but offer very little protection when you want to sit down and glass, or crawl in on a stalk.  Again, the construction of these pants will remind you how thin they are! Comfort at all other times remained at an all-time high! The pants are offered in various solid colors and the new Obskura pattern.

My friend Robby Denning also wore the pant on a recent hot weather archery hunt and agreed with me:

”While the Sonora pant might last me a hunting season at most, the hot weather performance was top tier!”

We both agreed that if you need a more durable pant, the new Kryptek Bushcraft pant would be a good choice, although it is only offered in a solid color. Check out my review on the new Bushcraft pant here. You could easily use the uninsulated Bushcraft pant paired with the Sonora Hooded shirt below.

Sonora Hooded Shirt

In the Sonora lineup, they also offer the Senora Hooded Shirt. This shirt is designed to keep you protected from the sun. The Sonora Hooded Shirt is perfect for mild to hot weather conditions and even doubles as an extra layer for cooler temperatures. Kryptek Cool Touch technology offers enhanced perspiration evaporation to wick moisture and keep the skin cool while you work. The Sonora’s exceptional breathability and UPF 50 make this shirt a great addition for any hot weather, high-performance collection.

Comfort and Fit

I was impressed with the fit and the comfort of this shirt when I first put it on and is one of the most comfortable to date. I enjoyed using it on fishing trips with high temperatures and the protection it offers from the sun is a great option to have all while keeping you from not burning like my Norwegian/Swedish skin likes to.

The hood is not over bulky and cut just right. It also offers an extra button and loop higher up so you can keep this hood fitted tightly to your neck and face. The shirt offers more stretch than the pants in the Senora line.

Sonora Hoodie Features

The hoodie’s added thumb holes in the sleeves are also a worthy addition. I like that option when I used it during colder weather as a base layer.

An added feature that I haven’t seen Kryptek do in the past with their garments is the added micro-fiber glass cleaner on the inside left side of the shirt. This makes it easy to clean your optics or glasses on a whim.

The three-button collar and zippered chest pocket and button adjustment on the collar area are also good features to have. All in all, this is a welcome addition to my arsenal and is offered in various solid colors and the Obskura pattern.

All in all, if you need a hot weather hunting system, check out the Kryptek Sonora Pant and Hoodie. Available here.

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