When given the opportunity to test a new product from Kryptek, I am always excited no matter what the product may be. But this one had me wondering as getting into sleeping bags as a first-run product for the company can be hard to do. The things they need to compete with are other companies that have been doing it for years and have a head start refining their bags. How would the Kryptek Kilsia bag hold up against other companies and their bags? I by no means am an expert when it comes to sleeping bags, but I do know that it is very important to stay warm and comfortable on my hunts and I was looking forward to giving their new bag a try!

Kryptek Kilsia Sleeping Bags

I have used various bags over the years including both synthetic and down. To this point, I have not had great luck in finding a bag that will keep me warm down to 0 degrees without the use of external heat, and I am not sure that is a thing—at least not in a packable bag. I have also used other bags that have been advertised as 0-degree bags and have done fairly well over the years and are packable into remote camps without taking up much room and are not that heavy as far as weight goes. So it was going to be fun trying this new bag from Kryptek to see how it performed.

First Thoughts

The Kilsia Sleeping Bag from Kryptek comes in two models, 0-degree and 15-degree. The 15 comes in a black bag and the 0 comes in crimson red and are very catchy to the eye, with reflective logos on the bag as well as the stuff sack. In each purchase, there is also a storage bag that is meant to store your bag so the goose-down insulation does not lose its loft during long periods of storage. I decided to go with the 0-degree bag as Robby was going to test the 15-degree bag. I was happy about that as I struggle to stay warm at times so the 0-degree bag was right for me.

Defender Hydrophobic Down

The Kilsia bag utilizes Kryptek Defender hydrophobic treated down which absorbs 90% less water and dries 3 times faster than standard goose down so this bag had to be the cat’s meow so to say!

When I opened the package I was surprised at just how small the bag was while inside the stuff sack. Unfortunately, my kit didn’t come with the storage bag so I had to resort to other means by which to store it when not in use. I let the bag sit for a couple of hours to get the 800 (860gm) fill DWR treated goose down insulation time to expand. Of course, I had to get inside it in the house to give it a test right away and I was surprised at the room this bag had—something other bags in the past didn’t give me enough of! For reference, I’m 5′ 6″ and weigh 180 lbs. And of course, the rest of the family had to give it a try as well and we all thought it was going to be a very comfortable bag indeed! But it needed a harsher environment, to say the least!

Kilsia Features
  • 0° Fahrenheit comforting rating
  • 800 fill DWR treated goose down insulation 860gm
  • Outside shell 80% nylon 20% Denier
  • Utilizing Kryptek Defender™ Hydrophobic Treated Down, Absorbs 90% less water and dries 3 times faster.
  • Added space for maximized movement while sleeping
Kilsia Highlights
  • 100% Nylon shell
  • Snag-free zipper guard
  • Full-length zipper
  • Drawstring cinch-able hood
  • Compression sack and storage sack included
  • Weight 3.5 lbs (w/ stuff sack)
  • 22 in. foot box
  • 32 in. shoulder width
  • 86 in. height
Real World Testing

I first used the bag on a September elk hunt and I knew it was going to be too warm for this bag but still thought back to how comfortable it was at home and just couldn’t wait. Temps were down in the low 30s at night and of course, I had to sleep with the zipper completely open on this hunt.

Again as I slid into the bag for the first night of sleep I was reminded of how roomie this bag is. With a 22-inch foot box and 86-inch length, I felt as if I had all the room needed for my feet and the 32-inch shoulder-width allowed me to move around freely as much as I needed. I hate feeling like a mummy and like to spread out the best I can while sleeping so this was a huge advantage over bags of my past. The zipper also has a snag-free zipper guard which works great because I hate fighting the zipper in the middle of the night.

Back on another elk hunt in October, with temperatures down to the lower 20s, this bag kept me comfortable as well, but I could tell that the cold was fighting to get inside. The zipper remained working great and became a loved asset and never gave me any fits. This is when I was reminded that a good sleeping mat is a must that has a higher R rating to help keep the cold ground from chilling you during the night. Invest in a better mat with a good rating and you won’t be disappointed. It will also help your bag perform better as well.

I looked forward to testing this bag later in the season as I had a deer tag in ND and temperatures were definitely going to test the bag and my trust in it as well.

With temperatures getting down to 10 degrees as we unpacked camp and moved into an old bunkhouse. I was worried we wouldn’t be warm enough, that these bags wouldn’t be enough for either of us.

I had the option of starting a wood-burning stove, but I’m a true Rokslider and want to punish my gear!  So I left the stove dead to give this bag a real try. (My wife was with me on this hunt and I purchased another 0-degree Kilsia bag for her as well because she kept wanting to take mine from me!)

After returning from an evening hunt I found my wife sound asleep inside her bag. Temps were near 12 degrees and the test had already started without me! I woke her and she was chilled but remained comfortable enough to sleep. She was sleeping on a bunk bed with a mattress so the insulation beneath her wasn’t a concern. We had a bite to eat, talked about the hunt and we both crawled back into our bags for a night of sleep. With the short days in December, it was still plenty early but I will take all the sleep I can get as the morning hunt will arrive in no time.

It was close to midnight when I stirred awake due to being too cold. I cinched up the hood on the bag and that did help but I was already too chilled and didn’t want to lose more sleep. Temps showed to be around 8 degrees and this was the time I decided to start the wood-burning stove. We needed just enough heat to take off the edge so we could sleep comfortably. Although this is a 0-degree rated bag I would not expect any bag to make it down to the actual rating that is advertised. If needed I am sure I could have made it through the night without heat but little sleep likely would have come.

Final Thoughts

To date, I am impressed with the Kilsia 0-degree bag and plan to add a couple more to my arsenal for my kids. This bag is highly packable for backcountry hunts and not overly heavy.

On hunts when temps don’t get below 20 degrees, I feel this bag will do a good job for me and others. Invest in a good sleeping mat, however. Very rarely am I without some type of heat when on hunts with temps below 20 degrees. Usually, we are hunting with a wall tent or in a bunkhouse later in the season when temps are below that. I have found that I do not have to get up as often to stoke the fire while using this bag so that is a welcome contribution of the Kilsia bag!

For the first run at sleeping bags, I feel that Kryptek did a great job as they offer these bags at a much better price point than other companies with comparable bags. That includes companies that have been making bags for longer periods. The Kilsia 15-degree bag has a price point of $399.99 and the Kilsia 0-degree bag has a price point of $499.99. Pretty easy on the bank account considering what you get for that price.

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