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Poison Arrow Gear Decoy

James Jantzen, Poison Arrow Gear

I am forever looking for a better way to get things done. It is a bit of a curse. I can’t walk through the woods without thinking about improving something. I truly wish that I could quit thinking about how to make something better and enjoy the present more.

A few years back, we had gone to Wyoming to see friends. While there I bought a wild rag. For those that don’t know, a wild rag is just a cowboy bandana made from silk. On the way home I was thinking that this would make the ultimate hunter accessory if I could get it in camo. You could use it to keep your neck warm and also as an instant face mask. You could sew a loop on both sides and stick a couple of rods in the ground and have a small blind. Then, holding it up it hit me: mount this on your bow and you’d have an instant ultimate portable blind.

I built a prototype and filed for a patent, a process that takes mucho dinero. I then went to the ATA show in Nashville and soon realized that a decoy was in more demand than a blind. I decided to focus on the decoy but still offer a camo cover for customers seeking that option.

It has been a long process getting my decoy to where it is today. Fully functioning, it weighs four ounces and the best part is you never leave it in the truck.  I changed the design a little and went to the Hunters Expo in Salt Lake City. I came home enthused. The reception for my decoy was far beyond what I expected. I am now making decoys for elk, mule deer, turkey and antelope.

The one thing that sets Poison Arrow Gear apart is the fact that we can make anything you want. Everything is printed in house. Send me a photo of some animal you want and you can have a decoy in a week. It has been a very rewarding journey so far. I want to thank all those that have encouraged me along the way. Kind words do so much when the faith is flagging. I look forward to improving my product. We are working on a new fabric that cuts the shine and is more durable. If there is any way that I can improve my product, let me know. I will do my best to satisfy every customer that I deal with. Thanks again for your interest in my decoys.

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