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TightSpot Quivers

By Steve Speck, S&S Archery

I am a huge believer in equipment that will make you a better bowhunter. The sad fact is that there aren’t that many products I can say, “Add this to your setup and you will be better a bowhunter.” More often than not, we are surrounded by gimmicky products, and sucked-in by sexy marketing strategies that waste our money. Many of these products do more harm than good.

I get extremely frustrated when I continually see products come to market that are clearly designed by some designer/engineer who has never stepped into the field. I get even more frustrated when I see a poorly designed product selling well because of a large marketing budget behind it. I guess that is just part of the game. And in the end, it is up to the consumer to educate themselves on what is best for them.

 When Tightspot quivers came on the market five years ago, I could instantly tell that it wasn’t just some large corporation trying to make a buck on a high-dollar quiver. This was a company that saw a problem, knew that there had to be a better way to do it, and then found a way to fix that problem.

Tightspot took a problem – a loaded quiver puts excess weight on side of a bow, changes your grip and creates excess torque – and found a solution. By mounting the quiver behind the sight, tucked up next to the cable guard, the Tightspot could dramatically reduce the effects of a loaded quiver. Simple, but genius!

When the Tightspot came out, I was already building custom brackets for myself on a Hoyt quiver. I had taken the standard mounting hardware to a local machine shop and had them make the shortest bracket possible, so that I could get my arrows as close to the sight bar as I could. This alone had made a huge difference for me, but seeing how much closer the Tightspot could get to the center mass of the bow, I knew that their ability to reduce torque would be even greater.

I can also imagine that during this design process they realized that mounting the quiver behind the bow acted much like a stabilizer bar does. By putting the mass weight further away from the center of the riser, the bow shot even better!

They also found a solution to another common problem with arrow quivers. Standard rubber grippers work alright for standard-size arrows, but as smaller diameter arrow shafts were coming into the market, they needed the ability to adjust the tension and size of the gripper. Tightspot designed a way to adjust the spacing in the gripper so that you could get the perfect amount of tension holding each arrow.

Tight Spot

Tightspot’s innovation didn’t stop there. They made sure the quiver was rock solid, lightweight and quiet – features that a lot of other quivers didn’t, and still don’t have.

I realize this may sound like an infomercial, but in my opinion Tightspot changed the game for quiver designs. As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, rarely does a product come to the market that is actually aimed at making you a better bowhunter. The Tightspot quiver does make me a better bowhunter; and for that they have gained 100% of my support.

Here’s a quick video from Rokslide’s blog on the Tightspot Quiver demonstrating some of the benefits and features I wrote about:


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