We kicked off Weapons Month in early May.  This week, besides announcing the winners of the Berger Reloading Manual and the Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel, I posted three informative articles from Rokslide staff and members.  If you find an opportunity over this Memorial Day weekend for some screen time, check out these articles:



Maximizing Muzzleloader Accuracy with Peep Sights, by Jim Carr


Muzzleloader Buck Nevada DIY Style, by Travis Bertrand


Match Grade Hunting: A Season with a 260 Remington and Berger Bullets, by Sam Millard

Next week we’ll be looking at a new pack from Seek Outside, a Picatinny Rail from Xtreme Hardcore Gear, and announcing the winners of the Heads Up and Poison Arrow Decoys

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  1. Thanks for all the articles Robby and the authors always like new information and hunting stories.

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