There is a donut hole in the long-range, exposed turret scope market.  The options have grown for the sub-$1000 and the $1500-plus categories, but it’s a little thin in between those two price points. The Nightforce SHV has been around for a while now.  The Vortex Gen II PST and the V4 line from Zeiss were introduced last year. In this article, we are going to look at the Zeiss V4 6-24×50.

Zeiss V4 Riflescope

The Conquest V4 family is based on a 4x zoom ratio, incorporates a 30mm main tube, and consists of the 1-4×24, 3-12×44, 3-12×56, 4-16×44, 4-16×50 and 6-24×50 models. Each model delivers 90% to-the-eye light transmission, offers 0.25 MOA or 0.50 MOA click values, capped windage adjustment, and second focal plane reticle designs.

6-24×50 models have external elevation turrets and capped windage turrets. Within the Conquest V4 product line, all external elevation turrets also include ZEISS Ballistic Stop feature to ensure an absolute and positive return to zero under any conditions. There are several reticle options available. These include traditional plex-style reticles, as well as the newest ZMOA and ZBR MOA-based smart reticles from ZEISS. Illuminated reticles are optional for the 6-24×50 model. A magnification power throw lever is available as an optional accessory. The scope in this review has the non-illuminated ZMOA.

Turrets and Tracking

If you have read any of my other scope reviews, you will know tracking is at the top of my list of priorities. First on my agenda to test was how this scope would perform. I set the scope up on my tracking rig and went to work. This scope was spot on dialing up 20MOA, left 20MOA, down 20MOA, and then right 20MOA and then right back to where I started. Each adjustment was right on its mark. This test was repeated a few times with the same result. I am also a stickler for firm positive clicks. This is somewhat subjective but I feel that the V4 has very positive and precise clicks. They are definitely not on par with scopes like the Swarovski X5, Kahles, or March, but they are the second best in class next to the Sightron SIIIs in my opinion.

Zeiss V4 Weight

Weight is a consideration to many looking at scopes and I am in this category. This scope weighs in at 24.4 oz, which is on the lower end of many, if not most, scopes with the features of the V4.

Optical Quality

Next, I moved to the optics resolving chart, which I hate but inquiring minds want to know. I could see no apparent chromatic aberration. The glass was very clear with a great color rendition. I would rate this scope at the top of the glass in its price range, even approaching far more expensive glass.

Zero Stop

Another thing I have come to deem a necessity in my scopes is a zero stop and the V4 has one of the best. It is very easy to set and is very positive. One feature this scope has which I wish more would is the capped windage turret. The more I shoot, the more I like to hold for wind. I have had a buddy of mine miss due to a windage turret getting bumped. We forgot to check it before the shot due to a no-wind situation. This feature will eliminate that. For those that still desire to dial, wind the cap is easily removed and the windage clicks are still very nice.

ZMOA Reticle

The reticle is very simple yet very functional with 1MOA hash marks on both the horizontal and vertical bars. It is set at this subtension on 24x, which is where it should be. For some reason, some scopes are set at a power less than max, and I really do not like it. I find the reticle thickness to be just about right. Not too thick. Not too thin.

Zeiss V4 Warranty

The Conquest V4 models are backed by the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five-Year No-Fault Policy. These riflescopes serve a wide range of hunting and shooting applications, are packed with unique features, perform beyond expectations in their price range and provide exceptional value.


Overall this scope has a lot of features packed into a moderately priced scope with nothing you really do not need. I feel this is the best scope available in what I would consider to be the middle price tier. If you are looking for a scope with a budget under $1500 you should give the Zeiss V4 line a hard look.

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