Here they are ladies and gentlemen!!! The 2013 Bow lines…

Lets be honest. Who out there is looking to buy a new bow? With the economy the way it is right now buying a new bow vs. continuing to shoot our current bows is really a no brainer. So what about doing a little equipment upgrading instead?! It will be cheaper than a new bow and maybe get us that one or two pieces of gear that cost us that buck or bull in 2012 or a previous season. But what do we pick?

Sights, rests, releases, arrows, broadheads, stabilizers, quivers there are plenty of things to pick from and those are just the ones ON the bow not to mention any other technical gear we may need for our backpack hunts. But what about your bows string and cables?

Broadheads, rocks, scrub brush, fluctuating temperatures there are any number of variables that can have an affect on your strings and cables. All you hardcore bowhunters have had it happen at least once. Something changed, something went wrong, in the HEAT of the situation that factory string or generic companies string and cables we used to save some money failed.
No other accessory on our bows takes the abuse shot after shot. Repeatedly launching arrow upon arrow all year long as we dial in and build our set-ups for the coveted tags we were fortunate enough draw for the upcoming season. Yet, every year a bows strings and cables seem to be the last upgrade that goes through many peoples minds when they begin tuning up their bows or upgrading accessories.

Sure we are all going to have our cams timed (on cam ½ and binary cam bows), if we are shooting drop away rests we will have those timed, and we will get our bows tuned and shooting bullet holes. Many will upgrade to new sights, try a different rest, or purchase a new stabilizer and all the while over-looking that 3-7 year old string and cable set.
There are new string manufacturers popping up everywhere with the popularity of the Internet and sites such as but there are only a few companies on the market, that I have dealt with, that offer true warranties and I am shooting Winner’s Choice on my hunting set-up.

The Winner’s Choice guarantee:

One-year Warranty Against Peep Rotation, Creep and Serving Separation

However, new for 2012 was the release of 8190 Xtreme!

The next great advancement in Strings and Cables in years is made from the same 100% Dyneema fibers; however, it uses a TS90 grade versus the TS75 used in the 8125. This TS90 makes the new 8190 Xtreme the strongest synthetic fiber on earth. Key Features:

– 15% stronger than ANY previous bowstring on the market
– Faster shoot in times
– Improved consistency and accuracy
– Patented WeatherlockTM technology means weatherproof strings
– No creep, no peep rotation, no serving separation
o The Winner’s Choice Guarantee!!
– Improved durability and product life

Lets face it! At one time or another we have all been in that less than ideal situation when the week or two before our big hunt something happens to our strings/cables and we are putting on a new set. The doubts and fears creep over our minds. Do I have enough time to shoot in my new set? How much will this affect my sights? Will my peep come back so I can see through it when that trophy of a lifetime steps into my lane?
With a shoot in time of as little as 3 shots you can have your new 8190 Xtreme Strings and Cables installed and have a tune done on your bow and by the time you have it tuned and your peep tied in and set, you’re done. Strings are broken in and set ready to launch that one arrow at your trophy or freezer filling harvest.

In an average year I will put in excess of 7,000 arrows through my bow so I change my strings and cables EVERY year but with a 15% stronger string I can now get more time out of my whips and so can you! I always tell my customers never longer than 2 years on a set. Mainly because most people don’t take the time to care for and wax their strings can now get 3 or maybe even 4 years on a set with 8190 Xtreme.

So buy with confidence! Upgrading your equipment this off-season look to your bows strings and cables first knowing you’re in good hands and backed by one of the strongest companies in the industry and remember:

“The bow’s string travels faster, moves further, is more complex and receives more abuse than any other component of the bow. I do not understand why bowhunters give it so little thought. A bowstring must be made with extreme precision to function consistently and reliably for thousands upon thousands of shots. I, for one, am extremely particular about my bow’s string.”
— Randy Ulmer
Special Thanks to Mark Brown GM of Winner’s Choice Bowstrings for providing information on their new 8190 Xtreme strings/cables.