Vortex HD LH

Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15X42 Review

Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15X42 Review By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Staff Vortex Optics entered into the optics world somewhat quietly by introducing some great products and amazing customer...
PIC1 Part2

Tikka Compact Review, Part II

Tikka Compact Review, Part II By Dustin Allen, Rokslide Member In part one of the Tikka Compact review, I covered the rifle and its preparation for use. The...
Ripcord ACE

Ripcord Ace Arrow Rest

Ripcord Ace Arrow Rest By Steve Speck, S&S Archery New for 2015, Ripcord arrow rests has come out with a fall-away rest called the ACE. The ACE is...

Enlightened Equipment Recon Bivy Review

For a lot of my hunting and hiking trips I use a floorless tent or tarp with an ultralight bivy. These shelters provide me versatility along with a lot...
Sitka Women's Core Midweight Baselayers

Sitka Women’s Core Midweight Baselayer Review

Like every other female hunter, I struggled to find hunting clothes that fit.  My husband Ryan tried to outfit me with everything he could find from companies he used...

MSR vs. Jetboil Showdown

MSR vs Jetboil The year I was just getting into backpacking, there was a website also getting started. It was Rokslide--a forum and e-mag type website built around gear for...

Building an Extended Range Muzzleloader, Part II

In Part I, Building an Extended Range Muzzleloader, I covered both choosing a muzzleloader and the best caliber for hunting big mule deer.  In Part II, it's time to...

Swarovski NL Pure vs Swarovski EL Range TA

There is hardly a piece of equipment that you will carry on your hunting adventures with more value than a set of good binoculars. They are a tool that...

Kifaru Cavern Review

Kifaru Cavern Review By Tony Trietch, Rokslide Prostaff Ask most any western backpack hunter what they consider their most important pieces of gear and I’d be willing to guess their backpack...

Mathews V3X Review

"So, I guess here it is, we’ll just announce the 2022 flagship right now. The all-new 2022 (******) from Mathews!” This is how we ended the 2021 Mathews V3...