Swarovski ATX/BTX Review

I have been using Swarovski’s flagship ATX spotting scope with 85mm objective since I originally reviewed it in 2013.  In the meantime, I still haven’t found a better hunting...

Mathews Vertix Bow Review

For years I’ve always been excited to see what the new Flagship Mathews would be. Once it became available I would go through the Mathews Bow Builder and “design”...

Rokstaff and Moderator’s Top Gear Picks for 2017

To wrap up 2017, Several of the Rokstaff and Moderator's chimed in on the gear that really stood out to them in their 2017 season.  Some products have been...

Maven B.4 15×56 Review

Getting a chance to test out the Maven 15's this spring! So far I've taken them to Tiburon Island sheep hunting and used them here in Wyoming looking for...
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Review: Floorless Pyramid Shootout

Review: Floorless Pyramid ShootoutBy Josh Boyd, Rokslide ContributorPyramid style shelters have been around in various forms for well over two decades. A climbing trip to British Columbia over 20...

Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 Review

Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 ReviewBy Justin Crossley, Rokslide Staff The Sky Talus 6900 is a full featured backcountry pack designed for everything from day trips in 4000 C.I....
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Puffy Jacket Shootout, Alaska Style

Puffy Jacket Shootout, Alaska Style By Luke Moffat, Rokslide Prostaff Puffy jackets. Aside from backpacks, puffy jackets are cussed and discussed more than just about any other backpacking...

The Good Idea Fairy

Don’t Listen to the GIF – She’s a Liar!Aron SnyderMost of you probably haven’t heard of the “Good Idea Fairy” (we’ll call her GIF for short) but you probably know...
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The “Trick-Pin” System

The Trick-Pin System – Quit Your Range-Finder Habit Darin Cooper - Rokslide Senior Editor This may be the coolest damn thing you never knew about your bow! We have...