Kowa TSN-553 Prominar Review

Kowa TSN-553 Prominar Review By Luke Moffat, Rokslide Staff Late this summer I purchased the Kowa TSN-553 Prominar. Why did I purchase yet another 55mm, sub 2-pound spotting scope? I’ve been...

Vortex Razor HD Light Hunter 2-10×40 Riflescope Review

Vortex Razor HD Light Hunter 2-10x40 Riflescope Review By Robby Denning, Rokslide Editor Vortex released their HD Light Hunter (LH) riflescope line in 2016.  Marrying their top glass from the Razor...

Which Outdoorsmans Tripod head?

Ryan Avery breaks down the three outdoorsmans tripod heads and how he uses them.

Granite Peak Tripod fastest set up!

The Granite Peak Tripod by KDC might be the fastest in the industry.

Review: Xtreme Hardcore Gear Tru Level Picatinny Base

Review: Xtreme Hardcore Gear Tru Level Picatinny Base By Brock Akers, Rokslide Staff If you have ever built a house, you know that starting with a flat, level foundation is key...
maven 1

MAVEN B.4 15×56 Review

MAVEN B.4 15x56 Reviewby Jordan Budd, Rokslide StaffFor some time now I've been wanting to get my hands on a pair of 15x binoculars. With many the southwestern hunters...

Choose your glass wisely

I field more than a few questions about optic choice, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to the what & when of how I choose my glass and...
NG sleepy bull

Review: Novagrade Ranger App

Review: Novagrade Ranger App By Les Welch, Rokslide Staff This past April, I purchased the Novagrade Ranger App for my iPhone. I'd never used any digiscoping adapters or apps,...

Maven B.4 15×56 Review

Getting a chance to test out the Maven 15's this spring! So far I've taken them to Tiburon Island sheep hunting and used them here in Wyoming looking for...

Comparing the Maven C.1 to the Swarovski SLC

Just a quick review of the new Maven C.1s and Swarovski SLCs. Oh, and I keep looking to the left because people keep walking down the trail towards me.

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Kuiu Icon

KUIU ICON By Aron Snyder 5lbs 12oz’s (6000) 4lbs 9 oz's (3000) It seems that the design intent for the Icon was simple… bring...

The Red Zone, with Jared Bloomgren

My friend, Jared Bloomgren, is back with his final installment in his Spot-and-Stalk series (see Spot & Stalk Tactics & Spot & Stalk Part II.) ...

Scouting A New Area: Tips from a Pro

I have worked the past 10 years as a professional scout for WeScout4u.com. The company was founded by Robby Denning in 1997 and has...

“I want a big buck, where should I apply?”

The calendar tells me that this is likely the number one question on buck hunters' minds right now.  The days are becoming dim when...

From Complacent to Capable, Striving for Competent

From Complacent to Capable, Striving for Competent By Chas Carmichael How many threads here at Rokslide start with “What pack/frame should I get?”, “First time out...
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Clothing Systems

Clothing Systems   by Luke & Becca Moffat   When it comes to finding clothing for the backpack hunter, there has never been a...

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