First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants

 First Lite Corrugate Guide PantsBy Sam MillardAs modern hunters, we expect a lot from our gear; packs, shelters, weapons, and especially clothing, are all under constant scrutiny, and why...

First Lite SEAK Rain Jacket Review

First Lite SEAK Rain Jacket Review By Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator If you spend any amount of time in a wet and rough ecosystem throughout the year, you probably...
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Pants for the Backcountry

  Pants for the Backcountry by Matt Wymer, Rokslide Prostaff   Pants: Seems simple, we wear them most everyday, and often without too much thought toward the details....

Review: First Lite Alpine Cold Weather Glove

First Lite sent me a prototype* of their Alpine Cold Weather Glove back in September, 2018. I happened to be leaving in just a few days for a high...

Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket And Pant Review

Puffy layers aren’t the sexiest of all the layers we use while hunting. And, you don’t see a hunter wearing them on the cover a hunting magazine often.  They...
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Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody

Sitka Traverse Cold Weather Hoody By Ross Russell, Rokslide Prostaff I'd like to think that after three-plus decades of elk hunting in the Northwest, my clothing system is...

Sitka Coldfront Rain Jacket Review

Sitka Coldfront Rain Jacket By Josh Boyd, Guest Contributor I love the simplicity of packing and wearing lighter clothing in the warmer and drier early season. Yet with...

Stone Glacier De Havilland Jacket and Pant Review

Many of us have jumped into the light weight backpacking movement, which has pushed us into finding gear that can serve a dual purpose. I often (daily in most...

Kryptek Aegis Review

When Mother Nature throws everything at you, what clothing do you need to keep you warm and dry? Where do you turn? What options are out there? Much of...

Canis Alps Hooded Down Jacket Review

The Canis Alps hooded down jacket arrived on May 13th. The snow on the mountains had already begun to fade away, so I knew I was pressed for time....